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What Kylie Jenner's "Birthday Collection" Can Teach You About Design

What Kylie Jenner's "Birthday Collection" Can Teach You About Design

If it's 2017 and you aren't using glitter... you've fallen behind

You're never fully made-up without glitter and neon lights. See what Kylie Jenner's new makeup packaging brand design says about the state of the art in makeup packaging design. And then recreate the look yourself using easy to download Medialoot resources.

The design era of sparkles

If you like it then you should've put a layer of glue, glitter, stars, and paint on it. 

Modern design has entered a phase of flatter and more colorful elements. But aspects of skeumorphic design are coming back — only instead of copying a real world interface (e.g. an audio mixer) designers are borrowing from real-world art supplies and using them in real-world impossible ways.

Witness, Kylie Jenner's package design for her makeup brand #KylieTurns20 "Birthday Collection."

Kylie's "Birthday Collection" Brand

The makeup itself is standard fare. The packaging is where the fun is. All the elements combine to create a raucous, odd mix that says "I'm young, hip, and I know all of the Snapchat filters."

Let's take a look at some of the design specifics:

Neon Fonts are IN

In standard "80's throwback" fashion, neon tube fonts are all the rage these days. It also just so happens that they used one Medialoot's very own fonts for this packaging.

Kylie's neon font:

Neon lights font (Kylie's designers chose a Medialoot best seller for her logofont).

You know what's great? Neon. You know what's even better? Neon with glitter on top.

If it isn't fancy enough, add glitter

Kylie's sparkly look (sunglasses recommended):

Glitter texture resources: 

If you thought that glitter and neon was enough for a modern luxury makeup brand, you'd be wrong. We need a minimum of two other elements to make this design fancy enough. Enter... confetti stars and paint drips (why paint drips?) 

If there's too much glitter just add some paint

Do not try this at home (or at least use non-toxic glue?) Kylie's glitter draped look:

Paint-drip resources to use for masking over lips:

Finish with some star confetti

In order to tie everything together, be sure to include some stars for the neon lights to block out. Kylie's sprinkled starry look:

Here's an actual design resource you could use for this:

Trend conclusions?

While this makeup packaging may not be representative of all design in 2017 — it does give us a good look at some styles that are popular now. Flat, colorful, and sparkly are all in. Bright colors combined with unique, thin, fancy styling. In the age of instagram and snapchat filters it's becoming important to stand out.

We at Medialoot are flattered to have our neon font used in this very impressive and unique packaging. Kylie's birthday collection and associated brands, products, images, and advertising are copyright Kylie Collection and their respective owners.



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