8 Beautiful Neon Fonts and Effects

Neon signs and their unique stylistic features have been for decades: what we've come to know and love as neon style in 2017 was born of the necessity to carefully bend glass tubes into letters in a way that allowed their internal neon gas to be electrified and illumina...Read more

5 Photoshop Filters You Probably Don't Use (And What They Do)

A large part of my day to day job is creating design resources with Photoshop, including mockups, text effects and other fancy things like that. It often means I need to experiment with and use lots of Photoshop filters some of which seem almost useless at first. Here a...Read more

5 Designers Who Have Impacted Our Lives

Since the first time the "graphic design" term has been used, the years have give us a sustancial amount of talented persons, capables of see the needs and combine ideas to make the perfect solution, and in the way, make an impact in our lives. We’re going to take a loo...Read more

What's New On Medialoot

You may have noticed how much faster your browsing experience has been on Medialoot lately, or at least we hope you have! We've entirely recoded the site from the ground up, and we've made a bunch of other improvements too. Let's walk through some of them....Read more


Why Are There So Many Pugs? Meet Wednesday, Our Mascot

Long time Medialoot members may have noticed that we often feature pugs in our resources. It may just seem like we're all obsessed with them, and that would be fair assesment. But, what you may not know is that they are in fact all the same pug. And her name is Wednesda...Read more

Make Colors Pop in Lightroom or Photoshop

Although there are many methods to make the colors pop on an image; we know that each image requires a special edition to make the colors stand out depending on the image type. But in this tutorial you will learn the settings to make the colors pop and that can be appli...Read more

A Beginners Guide to CSS Grid Layout

Find out what CSS Grid Layout is, how it works and why it is going to make your life as a designer or developer easier with this accessible introduction to CSS Grid Layout. We will cover terminology, basic how-to's and an example layout to get you started with the new g...Read more

How to Create a Celtic Knot in Illustrator

Celtic knots are stylized graphical representations used extensively for decoration in the Insular art. In this week tutorial, you will learn how to create a basic endless Celtic Knot in Illustrator starting only with one single shape, applying multiple shape strokes, a...Read more

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