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How to Make a Complex 3D Blending Effect in Illustrator

Illustrator has give us many different tools over the years to make our graphics easier and quicker to make. One of the tools that speeds up the drawing process is the Blend tool. Most of the time, this tool has been used to make text effects or to simply blend 2 or mor...Read more

How to Make a Golden Art Brush in Illustrator From an Image

Making a Golden Brush in Illustrator is a bit different from making other type of vector art brushes (ink, tempera, etc). The goal of these brushes is to keep the real colors as much as we can with all the shiny details and color variations only a gold ink can give us. ...Read more

How to Make a Trendy Line Text Effect in Illustrator

Making a line text/graphic effect can look like a very difficult task in Illustrator, but in fact it is very easy! And you can create a wide range of lines effects just by changing the Stroke weight or profile even after you finish the effect. There are, of course, diff...Read more

How to Make the Sky Pop in Photoshop

Sky can be one of the most difficult things to improve your images. Because a sky will usually have clouds or some element that can be over it, carefully masking and then adjusting specific values could be the first thing you try. Thankfull there is an easier method you...Read more

How to Easily Make a Cinematic Color Grading in Photoshop

The cinematic look is no longer only for movies! Many designers and photographers use this color grading effect on their work to achieve a whole new look and grab user attention. There are many different ways to make a cinematic effect in Photoshop. Some methods make us...Read more

How to Make a Line Letter Effect in Illustrator

You've probably seen many different logo designs with a lined text effect on it with wavy, rounded, or straight line styles. If you want to make your own letter design using this style, there are many different methods you can use in both Photoshop and Illustrator. But ...Read more

How to Make Your Own Dry Media Brush in Photoshop

Photoshop brushes can be the most useful tool you can use as an illustator. But sometimes, finding the perfect brush for your specific drawing can be a challenge. Thankfully, in Photoshop, you have the ability to transform any of the default brushes to the exact one you...Read more

How to Make a Grainy Gradient in Illustrator

When you twant to make a grainy effect on your designs, you might instantly head to Photoshop to do the job. But if you are working with vector shapes that have a gradient fill applied and you want to add some grain to your design, there is also a way to make a grainy e...Read more

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