Best Social Media Kit Templates for Your Blog or Brand

You can use social media templates to save yourself time and effort, without sacrificing style....Read more

How to Create the Perfect Media Kit Template for your Brand

What is a Media Kit? Do you need one? And if so, how do you go about creating a media kit that will show potential advertisers and collaborators that your blog or social media channel means business?...Read more

29 Beautiful, Free Hand Lettering Fonts

Use these free hand lettering fonts to give your project a unique twist....Read more

Introducing Customized Items from Medialoot

Today, we're releasing something new: our first-ever custom design service tailored for professionals who know what they want but don't want to spend the time (or don't know how) to make it. It's the best of Medialoot resources + your own professional designer....Read more

Create an Elegant Quatrefoil Background

Quatrefoil shapes are everywhere: in art, architecture, heraldry, and even background designs of famous brands. They usually consist of 4 overlapping circles, but they also can be formed with a combination of many different geometric shapes like ovals, rectangles and sq...Read more

20 Photoshop Actions for Perfect Fashion Photography

Photoshop actions are a great tool to help you speed up your work and add creativity to your images. While on most images you can simply run an action to bring a whole new style to your picture, when you have to work on pictures made for the fashion industry, you may ha...Read more

20 Stunningly Realistic Cloud Brushes for Photoshop, free and premium

A set of cloud brushes will save you time and give your skies the depth and texture needed to make them pop....Read more

How to Design a Book Cover for Print (and Free Template Downloads)

Designing a book cover might seem complicated, but the technical aspects are actually much easier than you'd think. Once you learn how to use and place guides, you'll be making book covers in no time. Of course books come in all different sizes, but with guides, you can...Read more

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