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Easily Make an Embossed Text Effect in Illustrator

Illustrator has many different methods that can achieve similar effects, and the emboss effect is no different. Although the 3D Extrude effect can work by modifying lighting and specifying a bevel, the Appearance Panel offers a better tool. Today I'm going to walk you t...Read more

How to Make a Light Ray Brush in Photoshop

Photoshop brushes can save you a lot of time when working to edit or enhance a light source. Often however, you may be unable to find the perfect brush. Today I'm going to show you how to easily make your own Light Ray Brushes in Photoshop using only the default tools t...Read more

How to Make a Cartoon Game Title in Illustrator

In Illustrator there is a powerful panel called "Appearance" that can be used for many different types of graphic and text effects. Using this panel is a much faster and easier way to make changes to your designs and see live results as you adjust the settings. Today, I...Read more

How to Easily Resize Multiple Images in Photoshop

There are tons of repetitive tasks in Photoshop that are time-consuming. Thankfully, Photoshop has the ability to create an automated action that runs for you. While this reduces some actions to a button press, you can still find yourself manually running the automation...Read more

How to Make a Blended Flower in Illustrator

Usually, complex illustrations can take hours to create, but sometimes you can achieve the same result using Illustrator's powerful tools and effects. Today, I'll walk you through how to quickly create a complex flower image that can be easily changed or adjusted later....Read more

How to Easily Make Perspective Text in Illustrator

As you know, there are many different ways to create perspective text in Illustrator. Some methods are a bit complex and will not allow you to edit the text once you create perspective. But the method I'll show you today is very easy to make and will let you edit the te...Read more

How to Make a Shadow Overlapping Text Effect in Photoshop

There are many different effects that you can use on your titles to bring user's attention, but one that is being very popular at the moment is an overlapping shadow effect, where each letter casts a shadow on the next one. Unfortunately there is no automatic or easy wa...Read more

How to Easily Make an Embossed Layer Style in Photoshop

In Photoshop there are many options to make effects like debossing and embossing. Often used on business cards, these effects should be in every designer's toolbox. Of course, you can replicate this effect from scratch each time you need it, but to save some time a good...Read more

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