How to Create an Orton Effect in Photoshop

The Orton effect was developed by Michael Orton in the 1980s, and is still a popular post-processing technique for landscapes. Although this technique has evolved, the concept of the Orton Effect remains the same: apply a glowing dreamy effect to an image. According to ...Read more

How to Fix Underexposed Photos in Photoshop

Underexposed photographs are a little too easy to take. It happens with high contrast or in low light conditions. Fortunately, it's super easy to correct underexposed images in Photoshop, and today I'll show you a simple yet effective way to fix those underexposed snaps...Read more

Create a Dazzling Bokeh Effect in 15 Easy Steps

One of the most used (and trendy) effects in photography is Bokeh. If used properly, it can create a beautiful environment around your subject, bringing a whole new atmosphere to your image. If you're using a good camera with good lens and with a wide open aperture, you...Read more

22 Snappy Hat Mockups to Cap Off Your Design

Hat mockups feature the latest styles and provide space to show off branding while saving time and money....Read more

How to Design a Beautiful Polygon Background

There are tons of different online tools these days to make a polygonal background super easily and quickly, but nothing compares to making your own background — it's the only way to get it exactly in the way you want it. That is why today I will show you how to make a ...Read more

How to Create a Gorgeous, On-Trend Poster Mockup

A good presentation, whether it's for a client or for a personal project, is super important — the first impression is the one that counts. Most of the time, as a designer, you only have to show the designs and layouts but not the final product; that's why it's a good i...Read more

25 Gold Stamp Downloads to add Extra Approval to Your Designs

Gold stamps are the perfect visual for indicating the quality and accolades of a product or brand....Read more

22 Beautiful Damask Patterns

Classic and modern damask patterns add a sense of elegance and luxury to backgrounds....Read more

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