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How to Easily Isolate White Objects on White Backgrounds in Photoshop

Although there are different ways to isolate a white object on a white background in Photoshop (Quick Selection Tool, Color Range, etc) there are times when that white object have areas that are too bright to make use of those traditional tools and part of the object is...Read more

How to Make a Raised Cardboard Text Effect in Photoshop

Text effects could be one of the most used resources by designers worldwide, and they can have a wide range of styles, from a simple drop shadow to a chromed effect. But today, we will take text effects a step further and use a texture to create the illusion of a raised...Read more

Easily Make a Bended Paper Text Effect in Illustrator

Using effects on texts, will instantly make them more engaging and attention-grabbing. They can be applied to various design projects, from digital graphics to print materials, allowing for creative expression across different mediums also, it can convey a mood, theme, ...Read more

Easily Make a Custom Halftone Scuff in Photoshop

Halftone effects has been used for a long time on posters, album covers and all kind of digital illustrations due it offers a versatile addition to any project, adding a touch of organic texture, and visual interest while giving your creations a retro character. There a...Read more

Easily Improve Your Interior Images in Lightroom

Enhancing interior images in Lightroom can elevate the quality of real estate photography, offering potential buyers a captivating glimpse into their future home. Lightroom's versatile editing tools allow any user to manipulate various aspects of an image to create stun...Read more

How to Make a Light Burst Text Effect in Photoshop

Adding some effects to text can enhance the impact of design projects, digital art, marketing materials, or even social media graphics. And a Light Burst effect will inject energy and vibrancy, instantly drawing attention to your message and making it stand. Of course t...Read more

How to Make an Editable Text Highlight in Illustrator

Highlighting text could be a good resource to add visual interest and emphasis to your designs. Mostly used in illustrations, this could be a great effect to use, especially over text, particularly on your website hero headers, posters, or even if you are working on a g...Read more

Easily Make Auto Text Boxes in Illustrator

If you are making a poster promoting an event or simply making a header text for your website, incorporating highlighted text adds visual interest and emphasis, elevating the overall design and enhancing the effectiveness of the message. Highlighted text is a great reso...Read more

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