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Neon Tubes - Neon Sign Font

Neon Tubes Font Preview 2021 1A

A clean and elegant neon typeface

Neon Tubes is a font-face inspired by real world signs. It uses minimal letter forms with smooth rounded corners and, true to real signs, only uses lines with open start and end points. This neon font is perfect for adding your own glowing light effects in Photoshop or html/css or can be used to actually design real world signage. 

You can easily use this for online text content. Create a neon effect using pure css3, download it and use it in photoshop or illustrator, or use the text outline to create physical signs. Neon lights have become very popular design elements in the past few years. This is one of the most well-rounded, professional, and easy to use in the category. 

Download it and try it out, you'll have a sleek retro look going in your design before you know it.

Update - Oct 19, 2018

This update introduces the addition of a new bold weight. Neon Tubes Bold looks great at both small and large sizes, it can be used to add emphasis to certain words or simply use it throughout your project if you prefer the thicker appearance. 

Each letter and number has been carefully adjusted by hand to ensure that it is still faithful to real neon tube signage, including no closed shapes and realistic gaps between separate segments.

Video Demo

What's Included

European characters, accented letters and symbols. Compared to free options this premium font is substantially larger and more detailed with hundreds of individual glyphs and ligatures.

Real Word Examples

Neon Tubes looked fantastic when it was used in the Kylie Jenner Collection 2017

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