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Neon Font & Effect Collection

Neon Font & Sign Collection Preview 1

Neon Tubes Font & Effect Collection 

The base of the whole collection is Neon Tubes, our bestselling neon font. In addition to the font we have a highly detailed neon text effect, a neon sign mockup with additional connectors and cables etc. and finally 24 quick and easy to use neon Photoshop layer styles.

Neon Tubes

Neon Tubes is a new font-face inspired by real world signs. It uses minimal letter forms with smooth rounded corners and, true to real signs, only uses lines with open start and end points. This neon font is perfect for adding your own glowing light effects in html/css or can be used to actually design real world signage. 

You can easily use this for online text content. Create a neon effect using pure css3, download it and use it in photoshop or illustrator, or use the text outline to create physical signs. Neon lights have become very popular design elements in the past few years. This is one of the most well-rounded, professional, and easy to use in the category. Download it and try it out, you'll have a sleek retro look going in your design before you know it.

Video Demo

What's Included

European characters, accented letters and symbols. Compared to free options this premium font is substantially larger and more detailed with hundreds of individual glyphs and ligatures.

Neon Text Effect

This Photoshop file contains individual letters and numbers with a highly detailed, realistic neon effect applied. Use this kit to build your own glowing neon signs. Colors can be changed easily on a per letter or number basis, and you can even use gradients for a more dynamic light effect.

Each letter and number is about 840 pixels tall, and they can be resized using Photoshop's 'Image Size..' function if you select the 'Scale Styles' option.

Neon Sign Mockup

Use this mockup for Photoshop to design and showcase your neon sign designs. It includes 'On' and 'Off' states as well as various extra elements such as wires, connectors and wall brackets which can be manually placed on your sign for realism.

Neon Layer Styles

24 Neon Layer Styles for Photoshop that will make the process of making neon signs much easier. Once installed, you just need to select the layer you want to apply the effect and click on the desired neon style. The Layer Style file contains 24 different colors to choose from (taken from the most known neon sign manufacturers) making the job of building neon signs quick and easy.

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