11 Free & Premium Lightroom Presets for Wedding Photos that are Truly Gorgeous

Lightroom presets instantly improve wedding photos to bring out the true quality of a photographers work....Read more

How to Make a Torn Paper Effect in Photoshop

Creating a torn paper effect in Photoshop to achieve a collage look on your design is easy. You can use any number of pre-made brushes, Photoshop default brushes, or even real paper torn edges. Today, we'll show you a one of the easiest way to make your own torn paper e...Read more

How to Create Highlighted Text in Photoshop

Highlighted text is a super popular text style on social media, since it makes the text readable no matter what background it's on. But what's an easy process in other apps like InDesign or even Microsoft Word, is a surprisingly difficult one in Photoshop (at least for ...Read more

Place Any Product Realistically on a Solid Color Background

When you need to place a product on a solid background in the most realistic way, you have to consider the light source and how the object shape interacts with the light to cast its shadow on the surface. A sphere is the best way to understand how shadows interacts with...Read more

24 Hoodie Mockup Templates to Put Your Logo On

Keep a collection of hoodie mockups to showcase your branding and logos....Read more

The Best 30 Background Patterns of 2019

The best background patterns of the year will keep your designs modern and in-style....Read more

How to Make an Editable Knockout Text in Photoshop

Making knockout text in Photoshop usually means making the text with a layer mask — making the text non-editable. Don't fear! There's a way to keep the text fully editable while getting the same beautiful effect, and all you have to do is keep reading to learn how....Read more

How to Easily Simulate a Film Look in Lightroom

Want that grainy, real-feeling film look? Luckily you don't need to pull out your old camera and black your windows out. Making a "shooting on film" feel in Lightroom is super easy if you know which settings to change. In this tutorial you'll learn a quick and easy meth...Read more

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