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How to Make a Hollow Text Effect in Illustrator

Sometimes the simplest task seems extremely difficult once you start. Making a hollow text effect in Illustrator is one example. There are, of course, many ways to make this effect, but today I will show you a very simple method that will allow you to edit the text and ...Read more

How to Make a Heart Shape in Illustrator Quickly and Easily

Making a simple heart shape in Illustrator may seem like a very easy task, but you may find a few difficulties when making this particular shape. You may face the problem of how to make the shape symmetrical, how to give the correct roundness, etc. Also, there are diffe...Read more

How to Easily Make a Cubic Pattern in Illustrator

Patterns are a great resource that designers often use to fill large areas of a design, either on a background or as a texture over any object. But sometimes the simplest pattern seems to be a bit difficult to make. Today, I will show you how easily you can make a cubic...Read more

How to Fake a Window Reflection in Photoshop

There are many different methods to achieve the same results in Photoshop and faking a window reflection over a normal photo is no exception. You can use different filters, layer blending modes, and even just change the opacity of a layer to achieve a reflection effect....Read more

How to Make an 80's Live Text Effect in Photoshop

You've probably noticed the rise of 80's style shiny, chrome looks on TV shows openings, printed posters, invitations, and all over the internet. That kind of text effects can take a long time to make (depending on the complexity) and could require the use of specific t...Read more

How to Make a Cool Tone Effect in Photoshop

As you may know, there are many different ways to make adjustments or apply a certain effect in almost all photo/design applications like Photoshop. Today, I will show you a very easy method to make a cool tone effect in a matter of minutes without compromising the outp...Read more

How to Quickly Make a Grass Background in Illustrator

As you may already know, there are many different ways to achieve the same end result in almost any design software. And Illustrator is no exception to the rule, because you can use many different methods to make a simple circle or a very complex pattern. Today, I will ...Read more

How to Enhance Your Winter Photos in Photoshop

Winter offers a unique aesthetic other seasons can't give us: cool blues, creams, rich greens, and reds somehow stand out during this season. But many times, when you take an outdoor photo, all those colors don't look right. Today, I will show you a quick way to improve...Read more

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