The Elements and Principles of Design

With some minor alterations according to the design discipline to which we are referring to, we can make a global reference to the elements and principles of design. We will divide this article into its two main categories: Elements and Principles and briefly discuss it...Read more

How to Create a Sticker Mockup with Photoshop

This tutorial will teach you how to create a realistic sticker mockup with a glossy overlay effect using Adobe Photoshop. This effect uses Smart Objects, Transforms, Layer Styles and the Glass filter....Read more

Convert a Photoshop Pattern into an Illustrator Swatch Pattern

Sometimes, you need to use a pattern (whether is for a background, a text or any other design element) that is available in Photoshop but it turns out that you are working in Illustrator and you want to use that specific pattern there. How do you do that? Well, in this ...Read more

4 Steps to Getting Started in Gaming Design

With elements like virtual reality, 360 gaming, e-Sports, and visual technology developing at lightning speed, the gaming industry is growing exponentially and the growing job market is a coveted one by many young designers. But, like with everything these days, fledgli...Read more

10 Free Line Icon Sets for Sketch and Illustrator

There is a veritable smorgasbord of free icons available on the web. So many in fact, that it can sometimes be tricky to filter through the outdated ones and find what you are looking for. We have compiled a list of free to download, all-purpose vector icons that you ca...Read more

8+ Beautiful Neon Sign Fonts and Effects

Neon signs and their unique stylistic features have been around for decades. What we've come to know and love as neon style in 2017 was born of the necessity to carefully bend glass tubes into letters in a way that allowed their internal neon gas to be electrified and i...Read more

5 Photoshop Filters You Probably Don't Use (And What They Do)

A large part of my day to day job is creating design resources with Photoshop, including mockups, text effects and other fancy things like that. It often means I need to experiment with and use lots of Photoshop filters some of which seem almost useless at first. Here a...Read more

5 Designers Who Have Impacted Our Lives

Since the first time the "graphic design" term has been used, the years have give us a sustancial amount of talented persons, capables of see the needs and combine ideas to make the perfect solution, and in the way, make an impact in our lives. We’re going to take a loo...Read more

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