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Easily Make Spiral Gradients in Illustrator

There are a few different ways to make swirls in Illustrator, using the Arc, Circle or Path tools, and even with the Blend tool. When it comes to making spiral gradients there are also different methods you can use to achieve the same effect. Today I will show you a qui...Read more

How to Easily Make the Colors of a Photo Stand Out

Sometimes when you take a photo or even when you like one online the colors may look a bit washed out due the light was not just right when it was taken. There are many different ways to fix this issue, but there is one simple and quick method to make it in Photoshop th...Read more

Color Grading in Photoshop With Gradient Maps

There are many different methods to change the mood of a photo. One of them is by replacing the original image colors with a more creative combination. Known as Color Grading, there are many different methods to make this effect in Photoshop. You can use luts, selective...Read more

How to Easily Improve the Sunlight on Your Photos in Photoshop

There are times when you take a picture that the image may not capture the real life sunlight. It happens often and there are many different ways that you can restore or even improve the sunlight both in Lightroom and Photoshop. Today, I will show you a Photoshop method...Read more

How to Easily Cut Out Glass and Transparent Objects in Photoshop

Cutting glass and transparent objects in Photoshop may seem like a difficult task, but actually is easier than you think. There are many different techniques, but today I will show you a method that is non-destructive and let you adjust the effect by adjusting the shado...Read more

How to Easily Apply Transparency to Black & White Images

As you may already know, there are many ways to achieve the same end result in Photoshop. Turning a black and white image to a black and transparent or white and transparent (or any color and transparent) is not an exception. Although all methods are valid, the one I wi...Read more

How to Easily Make a 35mm Film Effect in Lightroom

As you may imagine, there are many different ways to mimic certain effects in most design/photography applications. And Lightroom is not the exception to that rule. Making a 35mm Film effect to make digital pictures look like they came from the dark room can take you fr...Read more

How to Make a Complex 3D Blending Effect in Illustrator

Illustrator has give us many different tools over the years to make our graphics easier and quicker to make. One of the tools that speeds up the drawing process is the Blend tool. Most of the time, this tool has been used to make text effects or to simply blend 2 or mor...Read more

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