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Create a Paper Texture in Photoshop from Scratch

In Photoshop, there are many different ways to achieve the same result and making a paper texture from scratch is not the exception to that rule. There are, of course, many different kind of papers we can reproduce, but the process doesn't vary too much from one paper t...Read more

31 Top Tote Bag Mockups with a Perfect Canvas Vibe

There are 31 fantastic canvas tote bag mockups in this roundup of epic proportions! ...Read more

How to Make a Pencil Brush in Photoshop

Most design processes start with an idea, which you transfer to paper to get a first look of what the look of the design. But with all the new technologies we have available, sketching on paper is starting to be left aside. Instead, more and more designers and illustrat...Read more

The 18 Best Splatter Vectors to Make a Splash

You’re for sure going to find the splatter elements you need in this list of premium vectors....Read more

How to Make a Hair Brush in Photoshop

Hair can be one of the most difficult parts of a subject to draw. Hair requires a lot of time to make all those little thin strands, sometimes with a few swirls and different lengths. But in Photoshop there is a very easy way to reproduce all those littles details with ...Read more

How to Make an Overlapping Square Pattern in Illustrator

It's not infrequent that you as a designer might need a pattern (or three). Sometimes it's hard to find the exact perfect fit, so you need to create your own. So today we're going to learn how to make a pattern in Illustrator. There are a few tricky bits, but today you'...Read more

20 of the Best Coffee Cup Mockups of 2021

Looking for the best coffee cup mockups on the web? Check out the top 20 mockups we’ve compiled for you below! And yep, we’ve included free mockups too. Enjoy! ...Read more

How to Make a Perfectly Corrugated Cardboard Texture

Sometimes we spend so much time trying to figure out what right texture would apply to a design project that we have. Then there are those times that we think we found the right one but then learn that it doesn't match the size or color that we're looking for. Lucky for...Read more

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