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Why Fancy Text Fonts are Eating the Internet (and 11 gorgeous fonts for download)

Why Fancy Text Fonts are Eating the Internet (and 11 gorgeous fonts for download)

Fancy, eye-catching fonts from all around the web

See how the best designers are using fancy fonts online and in the real world. Then choose from 11 gorgeously fancy fonts available for download.

Fancy text fonts 

Design online is a constant game of one-upmanship. Decorative, unusual, and fancy fonts have become a mainstay in standing out, and a great way to add some flare to simple, classic designs. Here are some fancy trends, and 11 fonts you can use to create your own gorgeous, freakin' fancy designs.

Top designers using fancy fonts  

The goal is to look like you're writing with flair, a very nice calligraphy pen, and then sprinkling a dash of glitter on top. Of the top 100 products on Creative Market last year, dozens are glittery, loopy, scripty, shiny — just all around fancy. On our own Medialoot bestseller list, stylized fonts that stand out, light up, sparkle, and neon glow are in. 

Here's how designers are using fanciness as a style

Claire Coullon is an independent graphic designer whose typography & lettering is consistently both lovely and fancy. Her site showcases logo design, branding, hand lettering, custom typography and print & book design that will give you great ideas for your own fancy set up.

Kylie Jenner's new birthday collection is the perfect example of real-world fancy design. Bonus, you'll notice Medialoot's Neon tube font in prominent use on a fancy glitter background. Double bonus, here's everything you can learn about design from Kylie's brand.

Eddie Lobanovskiy @lobanovskiy is a creative director with a new coworking space. "I wanted the logo to be fun and also have a meaning. So I started off with a regular brush-pen trying to make the letters feel soft, bubbly, sticky basically honey-like. A few minutes later it hit me, I'm using the wrong stuff, why not just go with the real honey!" 

Down the Street Designs took @Jessica Hische's Drop Cap Letters and created beautiful animations for her artist series with Penguin Books. 

From John Passafiume: Left - Jacket design for this typography book on Louise Fili. Right - A drawing commissioned by Alan Haley and Ryan Arruda, the style is a tribute to Ed Benguiat. 

Dana Tanamachi is also a Louise Fili disciple, and got her start when she landed a commission for Google from an impromptu chalk installation for a Brooklyn housewarming party. She specializes in display-case worthy texts, flourishes, and florals. Check her out for inspiration for working in shades of sparkly gold and glowing metallics. 

Drew Melton is an art director and designer who knows the power of a good flourish. His stated goal is "to make super-radical-eyeball-melting-typography", and he's a great resource for big flourishy fanciness.

11 fancy fonts available for download

Gilded Hand

Gilded Hand is a free hand drawn script font. Its elegant yet imperfect lines are great for adding a hand written feel to your artwork. Reduce the kerning to join up the letters or leave space between them depending on your preference. A web font kit is also included.

Birds of Paradise

A classy, calm, and even font with just enough flair to keep things interesting. 

Sweet Pineapple

A lovely hand-drawn serif, good for titles or headlines. This lovely set has all upper/lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. 


Blocky meets scripty in this beautiful, ligatured font.

Neon Font

A new internet favorite, neon fonts are big in the new hip design trends. Here's the font Kylie Jenner uses for her new brand.

Dragon is coming

A light hand and long looping swoops add flourish to this super-serif font.


A typed font with an edge of handwritten feel.


Heavy marker with quick strokes makes this font strong and assured.

Lost at Sea

Lost at Sea is a handwritten font with varying heavy and light line weights. 


Funky meets fancy in this script font.


Cutesy and irreverent, this font makes inconsistency look designed. 

Bonus — Fancy Glitter Seamless textures

Just the right amount of sparkle to fancy up your fonts.



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