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7 Free Elegant Hand-Lettering Fonts and How to Use Them (plus one premium)

7 Free Elegant Hand-Lettering Fonts and How to Use Them (plus one premium)

Hand lettering fonts and how to use them

A picture’s worth a thousand words, but a word can be a pretty a picture too. By using hand lettering fonts the right way, you’ll be able to make a gorgeous impression even sans pictures.

How do we use these typefaces to do the heavy lifting that an image might do? Using these display fonts to do the work of an image means you can use text as your image, which is incredibly useful in design. It opens up a whole world of possibilities for logos, posters, t-shirts, album covers, magazines, stickers, bags, etc. The list of uses is almost infinite, but here is a list of 8 elegant hand lettering fonts with tips from a professional designer on where (and how) you can use them.

Maria Signature - $12

(Before we get started with the list of 7 freebies, here's one gorgeous premium option you can use!)

Maria Signature features calligraphic script elements all hand drawn with pen and paper and manually traced to vector format. It is a perfect typeface to a wide variety of uses (logos, badges, taglines, etc.) but especially useful to be used as authentic handwriting and/or signatures in your letters or documents.

To give the text a quick realistic ink effect, place a blue watercolor texture over the text with the use of a clipping mask and adjust the contrast to give some parts of the text a more darker/lighter look.


Stay Classy - free

Stay Classy is a simple, yet gorgeous, handwritten, contemporary and fashionable script font. It will look great on a wide range of project types since this font is legible and looks great as a headline or in the body text. A good use of this font is on social media posts for a high visual impact, but you can also use it on wedding invites or combined with serif fonts for a headline on your website.

Choose a good background picture, overlay the image with a gradient, type your headline using ‘Stay Classy’ in a flat color (add a bit of hard shadow if you want), and write some tagline using a serif font for a good first impression.


Sverige Script - free

Sverige Script is romantic script font with letters carefully crafted to make your text looks beautiful. It is an ideal font for decorating any project but especially for wedding invitations. Also with the help of these beautiful letters you can create a whole set of wedding elements like invitations, menu, table number, reserved sign, etc.

A modern, yet classical, reserved sign could be easily made just by adding a frame around the sign with a simple pattern, and a single stylized line between the ‘Reserved’ and the family name. Always choose the colors carefully to keep the elegance (black, white, gold, silver and even a dark blue will work just fine).


Shorelines - free

Elegance is not only achieved with clean and perfect shapes. Shorelines it is not an average handwritten cursive font. What makes this font special is that is clearly made for short sentences which make it perfect to be used on decorative elements for your office or home. Featuring imbalanced heights and spacing it will give your work a natural and handwritten look, which combined with the right colors and elements could achieve a very elegant design piece. You can combine uppercase and lowercase characters to form a unique look of a word with the extras found in some of the punctuation marks.

A good example on how you can use this font is creating a beautiful poster with a short quote or single words to frame it and hang on your home walls. Type your favorite quote and then place some of these beautiful flourishes and embellishments elements to make a simple and modern poster to decorate your home.


Qaskin - free

A script typeface that comes in two versions; Black and White. Combined, they can achieve a visually appealing design with enough character to denote elegance and classicism. Especially useful to make retro logos, this font can also be used on t-shirts, logos and badges, but it will also look perfect to be used as monograms on a variety of products combined with minimal shapes.

Simply type the person’s initials and optionally add a gold foil texture as a clipping mask to have an elegant monogram.


Chiangmai Hostel - free

Perfect to be used on special occasions, the Chiangmai Hostel font designed by Suthi Srisopha is just the right font for the names on Diplomas and Certificates with an elegant and at the same time calligraphic and modern look. Featuring soft and large curves, using this font for names is a breeze. You just have to type the person’s name and let the font do the work.

Simple as typing the name with the right size and by choosing the right color to place on the certificate (taking into account the surrounding elements) you will have a very elegant achievement proof to print and hang on your studio walls.


Beach Script - free

As we said, elegance is not only achieved with perfection. Beach Script is another proof that when you combine handmade fonts with the right elements you can have a very elegant design. This font in particular, is just great to be used as an overlay on your images, but it is even better to make personal logos.

Draw a rectangle, add a nice brush stroke over it with a nice color and simply type your text over it. If you will use a tagline, choose a sans serif font like Montserrat using the same brush color and you will end up with a personal and elegant logo.


Hondurhas - free

The concept behind Hondurhas is that combines script uppercase with serif lowercase letter for display purposes. It have many playful alternates so you could mix and match them according to your needs. As it features a layered display system, you can not only combine the 7 different layers, but also combine the script and serif letters for an almost unlimited number of results.

Although it may be used in a wide range of designs, it becomes very useful for titles on flyers, badges, packaging, invitation and book covers.

Play a bit to combine the letters of your title and then simply apply a texture on it (gold or silver foils will look great) with a high contrast background and you will have an elegant book cover in a matter of minutes.




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