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Gold & Silver Foil Textures

Posted in Graphics / Textures
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Get A Gorgeous Gloss with These High Quality Metallic Textures

This pack features 30 gold and silver foil textures with a rich, reflective finish. They make beautiful backgrounds and can also be used to mockup hot foil stamping (tip: apply them to text with a clipping mask). There are 15 gold and 15 silver high resolution images. 

Apply them liberally, and you'll convince your clients you have the Midas touch. 


Each image is perfectly varied to give them the real world, glossy shine of high quality metal textures. There is just the right amount of grit and roughness to make the textures feel real enough to touch, with an overlain smoothness that keep the rich, expensive feel of gold and silver. 

The illusion of reflectiveness gives these the exact right glossy look for making any design appear fancy, high resolution, and high quality. This is the hardest part to replicate (since photographing reflective material is painstaking), and combined with the almost eggshell like quality — gritty but smooth at the same time — makes this one of the most real-looking foil textures you'll find online. 

These are ideal for product sales to glam up the look of any product mockup. Also great as background or hot foil text cut-outs in sidebar ads and pop-ups when you want to lend that "money and power" feel. 

More resources and free tutorials

We have great resources and easy tutorials that will expand your foil textures horizons, and prove that all that glitters gold is good. Use these resources to apply to any and everything in photoshop!

Tutorial: Create a Gold or Silver Foil Texture in Photoshop from Scratch

It can be tough for web and graphic designers to make foil textures that look perfect from scratch. Foils are difficult to photograph since they're so reflective, but if you try to scan them, you'll get no gloss or reflective quality at all. 

So if you want to create a gold background, silver background, or even just an aluminum foil look, we've got you covered! This straightforward, step by step tutorial will teach you to make the perfect looking gold foil or silver metal look. 

Seamless Foil Textures

Here's an endless roll of foil! These are large, high resolution repeating .jpg images and .pet presets. They're gold, silver, and rose gold texture colors. Protip, if you want to use these for light or dark backgrounds, it's easy to change the color, simple add a Color Overlay layer style with the 'Color' blending mode. These are great because they have the same realiztic variations and touches as this Gold & Silver foil texture resource, but these can be placed and used anywhere with no break in texture or seams. 

Gold Foil Wrapping Paper Textures

And now for something (only slightly) different. Here is a perfect use case for these gold foil textures. This pack comes with 10 high resolution black and dark paper textures that have embossed-feeling gold foil details. The details themselves ranges from simple repeating stars, diamond, and heart shapes to complex geometric patterns. Use these for mocking up wrapping paper, fancy background etc — beautiful and classy.

So whether you're designing a hot foil pressed look, a Trump-themed wallpaper, or a faberge egg, these textures are the perfect way to class anything up. 

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