Top 10 MediaLoot Freebies of All-Time

Top 10 MediaLoot Freebies of All-Time

We believe in freebies at MediaLoot. In fact, we released our first two freebies before the site itself was even launched. Since then we've released dozens more free sets with over a million downloads. Not too bad! In this blog post I wanted to recap some of our all-time favorite freebies -- resources that in some cases have over 90,000 downloads. Take a look at the list, and if you don't have these click through and download!

Top 10 MediaLoot Freebies of All-Time

This list was compiled and ranked on the basis of downloads, age, and social media response. The top resources aren't always the oldest or the ones which were downloaded the most -- our goal was to pick the best, most-popular resources based on a collection of factors. Starting with number 10:

10 — Parallax Free Wordpress Theme

The Parallax Wordpress theme was released just last week, and already it is one of our most popular freebies ever. Guess everyone loves a beautiful, free Wordpress theme... Download Freebie →

9 — MediaLoot Prime: Vector Icons

The MediaLoot prime icon set was designed as a showcase of what we can provide in our premium resource sets. With over 60 hand-crafted vector icons, this resources is still popular today. Download Freebie →

8 — Graphite Wordpress Theme

One of our first Wordpress themes, Graphite was another freebie that was immensley popular with many of our visitors. This theme has already been updated once and will no doubt be supported for years to come. Download Freebie →

7 — Designer Portfolio Icons

This designer portfolio set was designed as part of a partnership with Smashing Magazine and, as you might expect, ended up being one of our most popular sets. If you work in a creative field, this is a must-see. Download Freebie →

6 — Free iPhone App Icon Kit

Joining the world of mobile app design for the first time, we released this intuitive kit for iPhone application icons. With hundreds of combinations and easy instructions, this kit will help anyone create the perfect app icon. Download Freebie →

5 — Signify Lite: Free Icon font

Or professional icon font, Signify, was such a hit that we decided to release a lite version to all of our non-payming members. This version of the font was extremely popular and makes it to nubmer 5 on our list. Download Freebie →

4 — Free HTML5 Admin Template/

We released this free admin template earlier this year as HTML5 was growing in appeal. With over 10k downloads, it seems that it was the right direction to go... Download Freebie →

3 — Ultimate Bokeh Backgrounds Set

Web backgrounds have always been a popular items, but none of our other releases have ever come close to this freebie -- with over 35 thousand downloads, this is still one of our most popular items. Download Freebie →

2 — Incredibly Detailed 3D Icons (Part 1)

Part one of a three part set, this collection of 30 free icons was released for free on the day that MediaLoot was launched. At over 65 thousand downloads, we must have done something right. Download Freebie →

1 — Massive Web Button & UI Set

This ui kit is a collection of dozens of buttons, icons, symbols, boxes, and other web elements -- in three styles and seven colors. This set was one of our first to be released and nothing has ever caught up. At over 90 thousand downloads, this set is our number 1 all-time freebie. Download Freebie →

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