48 Illustrator Brushes that are Perfect for Painting

48 Illustrator Brushes that are Perfect for Painting

Perfect Illustrator Brushes

Illustrator brushes can be used to add dimensions and texture to your paintings and designs.

We’ve got a doozy today!

In today’s list, you’ll find 48 free and premium unique Illustrator brushes to help fill in and paint your projects. Yes, 48.

And don’t forget to check out our tutorial on How to Install and Use Brushes in Adobe Illustrator. Taking a few minutes to look it over will save you hours of irritation!

Solid Ink Illustrator Brushes - $4

Medialoot has created a pack of 16 handmade Illustrator brushes that you can use to add thick or thin inky strokes to your projects.

57 Exclusive Illustrator Multi-Colored Paint Brushes - Free

A huge set of different multi-colored brushes that look textured and can be used for any painting.

Essential Vector Brushes Collection - $10

A collection of vector Illustrator brushes that come in watercolor, pencil, charcoal, and even marker.

Vector Dry Brush Stroke Illustrator Brushes – Free

Bristly, dry brush stroke options that can be used to add a rough texture to your artwork.

Hand Drawn Border/Divider Brush Collection – Free

Clean boarder brushes that can be as thin or thick as you want.

Halftone Vector Brushes – Free

A set of gorgeous halftone brushes that add a gritty, grainy feel to designs.

60+ Grunge Illustrator Brushes - $12

A collection of scatter, monochrome, three-colored, and pattern brushes for a variety of feels and styles.

Chalk Illustrator Brushes – Free

A set of chalk brushes that can be used in Illustrator to create a crafty feeling.

Glitter Brushes - $16

This pack has multiple realistic glitter brushes that were sourced from real glitter, making them gorgeous and authentic.

Paper Tooth Line Brushes – Free

A set of four tooth line brushes that were specifically created to show off the texture of paper, making them very realistic.

30 Sketchy Style Brushes – Free

The perfect set of brushes for creating boarders and outlines on artwork.

Artistic Brush Pack – Free

Over 90 different brushes that can be used to explore the different shades, shapes, and forms that make designs so unique.

Fat Grunge Brush Pack - $15

A set of 24 handmade vector brushes that vary in thickness, style, and texture.

12 Brush Stroke Illustrator Brushes – Free

A library of Illustrator brushes that were created using real brush strokes before being vectorized.

DRW4 Illustrator and Freehand Brushes – Free

The varying textures and weights of these brushes make them adaptable enough to be used as boarders or fillers.

Vectallic Magic Brush Revolution - $12

A gorgeous set of amazing metallic-looking brushes that will add a decadence to your paintings.

32 Ink Sketch Line Brushes - $6

A set that was specifically made for cartoonists, artists, and sketchers, these shaking sketch lines should be kept in anyone’s arsenal.

Natural Brushes - Free

These vibrant, natural brushes have a depth that make them look extremely real.

Natural Line Illustrator Brushes – Free

Another set of Illustrator brushes that can be used both for sketching and for filling. The pack comes with pencil, marker, and even chalk options.

Grunge Brushes – Free

These very grungy, very rough and uneven brushes are ideal for more visceral artwork.   

77 Inky Sketchy Illustrator Brushes - $4

With this huge pack of Illustrator brushes, you’ll get ballpoint pens, graphite, and inky options, all perfect for sketching and filling.

8 Stipple Shading Brushes – Free

Based on an in depth study of artistic techniques, these stippling brushes will give you the tools for shading, building up tones, and adding texture.

Custom Drawing Brushes – Free

These are another set of options that can be used for boarders or for filling in larger pieces of art.

Grain Shader Brush Set for Illustrator - $19

In this set of 25 brushes, you’ll get a diverse range of authentic, beautiful textured options.

Vintage Illustrator Brush Set - $19

If you want to add a vintage look to your paintings or sketches, you’ll love these cross-hatched pattern brushes.

Antique Print Effect Brushes – Free

Coming with 32 unique brushes, this set of brushes looks aged and antiqued, perfect for very specific designs.

Sketchy Illustrator Brushes – Free

These brushes were made by creating vectors of permanent marker, making them unique and realistic.

Smoke Brush - $5

If you need to add wisps of smoke to your paintings, look no further than this set of realistic and colorful smoke brushes.

64 Marker Pen Stroke Brushes – Free

The detail in these marker pen stroke brushes is perfect for more modern pieces of art.

25 Free Linocut and Woodcut Brushes - Free

With these brushes, you won’t need all the specialty tools typically required to linocut and woodcut your illustrations.

Hand Painted Brush Strokes Collection – Free

You can pick the stroke size and direction with these Illustrator brushes.

30 Transparent Openwork Petal Brushes - $6

A little more unique than most of the options on this list, these brushes add an abstract element to paintings, making them perfect for decoration.

Vector Brushes – Free

The authenticity of these freebie Illustrator brushes can be seen in the minute details in the textures of the stroke marks.

Dry Ink Brush Set – Free

If you want to try dry ink brushes before committing, give this freebie a try.

Splatter and Smear Brushes - $12

These splatter and smear paint brushes are a great choice if you don’t want neat and orderly paintings.

72 Brilliant Metallic Art Brushes - $8

In the realm of modern art, nothing serves as a better tool than metallic Illustrator brushes, which add vivid color and depth to artwork.

Watercolor Brush Set – Free

The subtle feeling of these brushes beautifully mimic real paint brushes, making them perfect for your designs.

Floral Vector Brush Pack – Free

The brushes in this pack were specifically designed to be used in the drawing and painting of floral and fauna. 

Feather Brushes - $5

You can use these delicate, detailed brushes to actually draw feathers, or anything else that requires meticulous attention to detail.

Colored Brush Strokes Collection – Free

Reminiscent of the 90s, these bold and vibrant brush strokes can be used in Illustrator to craft vivid paintings.

15 Watercolor Design Brushes – Free

The rough edges of Illustrator brushes can be layered to look smoother or used as is in all their grungy glory.

40 Roll Stroke Brushes - $11

To get that freshly painted, rolled look, these brushes will more than provide you with enough options.

Set of Brush Strokes and Watercolor Stains – Free

Whether you want to make strokes or fill in a section with stains, this large set of brushes gives plenty of choices.

Chunky Marker Brushes - $16

Getting back to the basics, these Illustrator brushes work like chunky permanent markers, reminding artists of their days of doodling in class.

Lino Cut Brushes – Free

The second set of linocut brushes on this list, the freebie allows you to fill in paintings with the very specific style.

20 Ink Brushes Collection – Free

Whether it’s for boarders, filling, or lettering, these versatile ink brushes give stunning, clean results.

Watercolor Brushes - $10.27

These watercolor brushes also come with a sample tutorial that will show you the best ways to utilize the unique and beautiful brushes.

Old Ink Strokes Illustrator Brush - $4

We try to end with the best! These ink vector brushes are vintage, classic examples of how to artfully add grungy strokes to any painting or piece of art.



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