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15 Gorgeous Graffiti Fonts & Paint Effects

15 Gorgeous Graffiti Fonts & Paint Effects

Some Character for your Characters

Capture the feeling of street art with these graffiti fonts.

Designers have used graffiti fonts for years to give their projects and designs a modern, funky feel. However, not all fonts are created equal, which is why we’ve put together this collection of gorgeous and fun fonts.

With our collection of graffiti fonts and paint effects, you’ll get a wide range of swooping, swirling characters that will add just the right what you need for your next design. The list below contains both free and premium options, so you’ll have plenty to add to your arsenal of design tools.

Tag Type Font – Free

Coming with Latin and Cyrillic upper and lowercase letters, as well as numerals and punctuation, this set captures the true feeling of graffiti. The exaggerated lines and flourishes are just enough to add flare to your project.

Have Heart - $16

You’ll get two handmade marker fonts and 12 swashes with your purchase of this set. The upper and lowercase characters, as well as several international languages, will give you the support you need to add a stylish flare to any design. The rough edges and embellishments of this font really remind of us of authentic graffiti.

The Fresh Prince Font – Free

If this font doesn’t bring back some childhood nostalgia, then you’re too young for this post. The Fresh Prince font mimics the true spirit of The Prince. It’s urban, exaggerated, and a little rough around the edges. The set comes with all the signs, numbers, swashes, and symbols you need to tell the story about how your life got twist, turned upside down.

Inner City Font – Free

Inner City is another free font that’s reminiscent of the 90s. The letters wrap around each other and zigzag to give a feeling of an elevated graffiti font. You can use all the lettering in whatever color you want, but we’ve got a soft spot for the gradients used in the sample on the download page.

Blackhawk - $16

Blackhawk is closer to a paint effect than a graffiti font, but it toes the line with a grace we find beautiful. The font has sharp, heavy details with faded, dirty edges that can bring to mind both a spray paint can or a calligraphy brush. Because Blackhawk is so versatile, it can truly be used for any project.

Urban Brush Zone – Free

Okay, why do so many graffiti fonts take us straight back to the 90s? We can’t even with Urban Brush Zone. The faded upstrokes and dark lines bring to memory walking through Brooklyn back in the day. The free font comes with upper and lowercase lettering, as well as a selection of characters.

Blow Brush – Free

Blow Brush is quite a bit heavier than the other options on this list, but we love it for its uniqueness. The free font comes with several extra characters, so you can add a little flare to your project. Also, we’re just a huge fan of the videos on the download page. Make sure you check them out!

Skylight Graffiti - $15

If you want something dramatic and colorful, Skylight Graffiti is the perfect option for you. For a limited time, this package, which includes the font, swashes and ornaments, and a bonus vector, is being offered for a discount. The loops and dramatic lines of this font are perfect for posters, apparel, and signs.

Amsterdam Graffiti – Free

We like to think of Amsterdam Graffiti as a higher class form of graffiti. The free font will still give you the exaggerated, run-together lines that make graffiti fonts popular, but the lettering is a bit more contained. By using Amsterdam Graffiti, you’ll get the urban feel you want, but with a little more elegance.

Ruthless Two Font – Free

Ruthless Two is another option if you want to toe that line between a graffiti font and a brush effect. The embellished lettering of this font is a cross between what you’d see in an alley and what you’d find in hieroglyphics. We think it’s a perfect blend of modern and ancient style. The free set comes with upper and lowercase characters, as well as common symbols.

Fresh Script - $16

We love this hand-painted font because it is so extremely versatile. With the right colors and shading, the premium font can be used to represent a metropolitan style or a more sophisticated feel. We love the swashes that come with this font, adding a little character to your projects.

Jungle Life Font – Free

Our final free graffiti font on this list is a little wild. Jungle Life has a very dramatic feel, with its loops and swirls and squiggly lines. The free font comes with all the upper and lowercase letters you’ll need, plus several characters for international languages. And more symbols than you’ll ever need.

Dope Script - $14

Ignore the horrific name of this graffiti font. Dope Script is a hand-painted script that’s rounded and rough, making it ideal for your more dramatic projects. With the added swashes that come with your purchase, you’ll be able to add a little extra character the lettering, making it stand out even more.

Graffitist Brush Font - $8

Graffitist is another heavy, bold font that brings a different perspective to the concept of graffiti fonts. The bold font has a little tapering around its edges, to provide that rough feel expected in graffiti. However, because of its thickness, Graffitist can be used for projects you might not think to use graffiti for.

Okami Brush - $10

The last font on this list once again combines the rough, boldness of graffiti with the elegance of brush work. Okami comes with a wide range of symbols, including those from multiple languages. Plus, the graffiti font comes with different styles, easily toggled between by using your Caps Lock.



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