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25+ Awesome Chalkboard Fonts, Effects, and Mockups

25+ Awesome Chalkboard Fonts, Effects, and Mockups

Chalk-full of freebies

Trendy, stylish chalkboard fonts, effects, and mockups add a clean, modern look to your designs.

There’s something classic about an old-fashioned chalkboard. Even though conventional use of chalk and chalkboards goes back to the 1840s, use of them today is still extremely popular.

Because every designer should have an arsenal of chalkboard fonts, effects, and mockups, we’ve put together a collection of free options for you. If you want to elevate your design skills, check out our premium options at the end of the post.

NOTE: At the time we posted this article, all the fonts, effects, and mockups in the free sections were available at no cost. However, these are subject to change depending on the designers who created them.

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Free Chalkboard Fonts

These fun fonts include all the grittiness and texture that are so common when writing with chalk.


Medialoot has crafted this free font to give your displays or designs a fun, casual look. In the set, you’ll get all lowercase and uppercase letters, the numbers 0-9, and common symbols and punctuation.

Chalk Hand Shaded Lettering

Free for personal use, this hand shaded chalk font is loopy and elegant. We think the decorative font is perfect for wedding and other event signs.

Rudiment Font

If you’re working on a project that requires clear, no-nonsense lettering, Rudiment is the perfect option for you. The free font is easy to read, but still has the roughness of real chalk.

Cool Crayon

The free demo for this font will let you use the clean, modern script for any of your personal projects. Don’t let the coloring here fool you, when used in white, the font looks just like real chalk.


Recently updated, Appleberry is a shaded chalk font that looks heavy, but modern. We can’t get enough of straight, dramatic lettering of this font.

Eraser Font

We adore the texture that is so clearly obvious in this font set. You’ll get the true look of chalk lettering with Eraser Font, without getting your hands covered in chalk dust!

Sandbox Melodrama

The wide, uneven strokes of this chalk font make it look dramatic and unique. When using this free font, you’ll feel like you’re back in school.

Clementine Sketch

Clementine Sketch is a gorgeously decorative font that we’d love to see on store signs or restaurant menus. The rough edges add character to an already beautiful lettering option.

Free Chalkboard Textures & Effects

If I’m being honest, I always hated when my teachers used a chalkboard. The scratchy sounds and general mess of chalk irritated me, even as a child. Thankfully, with these chalkboard textures and effects, you’ll get an authentic look without the mess.

Free Chalkboard Background

The designer of this chalkboard background used images of an actual chalkboard to make it, so you get the real look without the hassle. Also, this is the second free chalkboard background available on this blog, so check the in article link if you want a two-for-one.

Decorative Chalkboard Background

This chalkboard background is perfect if you want a little something extra for your design. The simple, beautiful boarder brings an elegance to the regular chalkboard.

Chalkboard Texture

You’ll get a free chalkboard texture on this website. However, there are also a wide range of fonts and effects, though they may not be free.

Chalkboard Texture by MattiaMc

We love the erasure marks on this simple chalkboard texture. Add any of the fonts listed above to make a truly authentic design.

Blackboard/Chalkboard Background

Again, the erasure marks on this board really make it unique. The marks are less obvious than other options, so you can get the effect without it being distracting.

Chalkboard Image Background

This large, dramatic chalkboard image is perfect for your more detailed projects.

Free Chalkboard Mockups

The best thing about chalkboard mockups is that you get the illusion of a real chalkboard for your project or design, but without actually dealing with one. And, again, since I’m not the biggest fan of chalkboards, these next few mockups are like a dream for me!

Chalkboard Mockup PSD

This mockup was designed to show off your latest font or lettering designs. The style is a beautiful mix of modern and vintage, perfect to make a big impression.

Roadside Chalkboard Mockup

If you need a chalkboard mockup for a coffee shop or restaurant advertisement, you really can’t do better than this free option.

Free A-Frame Chalkboard Menu Mockup

We like this mockup because the blank background gives you flexibility in your design.

Free Chalkboard Frame Mockup

Another option for you if you want to display a new font, this gorgeous chalkboard is set on an aged, wooden background, perfect for more elegant font designs.

Wooden Chalkboard Stand Mockup

Every restaurant should have this mockup in their arsenal. It’s simple, easy to customize, and ideal for presenting new menu items or specials.

A-Frame Chalkboard Menu Mockup

Large, clean, and modern, we think this chalkboard menu mockup is a beautiful option for a more detailed food list. Whether used for a restaurant or coffee shop, there’s nothing we can critique about this gorgeous mockup.

Chalkboard Sign Mockup

Clean, professional, and modern, this chalkboard sign is another option if you want to present your designs in a stunning way.

Premium Chalkboard Fonts, Effects, and Mockups

Now, we move into our premium options. These are all items that will require you to pay, but we think they complete our list in a beautiful way.

Premium Chalkboard Fonts

These premium hand drawn fonts and typeface lettering are a perfect addition to your projects, offering a hybrid clean and modern look with a vintage, classic feel.

Chalkboard Typeface

Large and dramatic, this font is perfect for signs and posters. The package includes all the font options you need, plus chalkboard vectors.

The Chalk Bar Typeface

We love the clean simplicity of this font. The lettering is straight and clear, but the rough edges bring such a gorgeous texture. The package also includes 5 seamless blackboard textures.


Funky and trendy, this bold font comes in both chalk and crayon options. The package also includes the Latin and Russian alphabet, making it ideal for linguists out there.

Premium Chalkboard Textures and Effects

These chalkboard packages include a wide range of options, so all your bases will be covered. While they may cost you a little, we think the prices are more than fair for all that you’ll get.

30 Seamless Chalkboard Textures

Our own selection of chalkboard textures comes with varying colors and grains, making it a must-have pack if you use chalkboards in your designs often.

60 Chalkboard Textures

If 30 chalkboard textures isn’t enough for you, have no fear. This package comes with 60 chalkboard textures, also including various shades and colors. We didn’t even know chalkboards had this many options!

Chalkboard Digital Textures

We had to include these chalkboard textures because of how unique the surfaces looked. Some of these options actually look like granite, making it a very interesting package.

Premium Chalkboard Mockups

And finally, we come to our premium chalkboard mockups. Because chalkboards are so popular today, it was difficult to narrow it down to three options, but here they are!

Chalkboard Sign Template

You can utilize this template to showcase any of your fonts or custom designs. We love this set not because we made it, though there may be a little bias, but because the layers in the template make it so easy to customize.

Styled Sign Board

This chalkboard sign brings back sweet memories of getting lost in the streets of the Riviera. The textured wall and flash of greenery accent the mockup without drawing away too much attention. We think this option is perfect for business or restaurant signs.

Empty Blackboard and Healing Herbs

If you’re working on recipes or food designs, we think this bright and stunning mockup will be a perfect addition to your collection. Not only is the background beautiful, but the texture of the chalkboard is so unique.



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