12 Circle Monogram Font Styles To Love and Download

12 Circle Monogram Font Styles To Love and Download

Embroider all the things!

If you like it then you should put your name on it. With these great fonts and styles you'll want to spell out your entire title and stitch it on every hand-towel in sight.

Styles and ideas to fulfill all your monogramming dreams

Monograms are the classiest way to claim something, and circles are the best shape (as we all know.) Whether you're stitching your towels, embossing your wedding invitations, or putting your name on your lunch, circle monogram fonts are the most stylish way to go. 

We've compiled a listing of 12 fonts, borders, generators, and ideas about circle monograms for you to peruse. There are some pretty straightforward slab fonts that naturally curve into a perfect circle. There are collections of fonts with looks from retro to modern, where you can select your favorite. There are fun monogram makers for you to generate your own, no photoshop required. And of course, lots and lots of downloadable goodies.

So go ahead, pick some out, and create your own personalized look. 

Circle monogram fonts to download

Here are 6 fonts available for download, some premium and some free. Some are great for 3 initials, some have the option to use only 2, and all are so, so pretty.

Opentype circle monogram font

If you're looking for the perfect, well-balanced circle monogram, this font is your choice. Unlike other sets, it's got all 26 letters each with a left, center, and right alignment style. Best, and here's really what makes this one stand out: all the letters come in a single font file (instead of needing three separate fonts). It's got the Illustrator source file with vectors of all glyphs as well. 

Scalloped circle monogram on Etsy

This is a great twist on the classic. The font family, available for purchase on Etsy, comes with
- SVG files - For Cricut Explore, Silhouette Designer Edition, Adobe Suite, Inkspace, Corel Draw and more. - DXF files - For Silhouette users, this format can be open with the free software version of Silhouette. - EPS files - For Adobe Illustrator, Inkspace, Corel Draw and more. - PNG files - Representation images

Free font - Monogramos

Woodcutter brings us some great, versatile lettering here. They have some good iconographic font sets on their page that are worth checking out, as well as some free downloadable laurel leaves font that would work well as a circle monogram frame.

Monogram collections in an array of styles (some free)

So many monograms! Damask Love bring us a lovely curation of fonts & frames for monograms from some of the top font sites. No matter what type of occasion you're monogramming for, she's got a style for it. Most are free unless marked.

4 Circle Monogram options

This is a nicely versatile style, you can use either two or three letters, and have them be either black on white background or knockout white on color. Only a few of these fonts let you have the choice of using either two or three letters for your circle monogram — so it's one of the few that works even without that middle initial / surname letter. Available to purchase on fontbros.

Semicirculus monogram

This half-circle monogram font is the perfect choice for if you want a cirlce monogram but aren't ready to go all the way. The inspiration is a vintage sans serif letterset from an embroidery publication. The font was created initially to be embroidered into handkerchiefs, giving it that kitch, classic look. The font joins together to create a semi-circular monogram of letters, and then there are optional flourishes to round out the full circle (when you're ready). These ornaments were pulled from antique specimen books, given a brush up, and then tweaked to be able to be combined with the font set. It makes a lovely accent and complete the monogram's full form. Hearkening back to the early 1900s, this is one of many monogram designs that offers a two letter format that is either adorned or interwoven with flairs and ornamentation.

Monogram generators and tutorials

Here are a few ways to create your own monograms without any design software or font downloading. Less versatile, but also easier.

Free instant monogram generator

"Make your mark in three easy steps", and these sure are pretty easy. With over a dozen styles to choose from, you just enter your letters, select a style & color, and voila. There are a couple circle options, as well as other stylized monogram versions that will look great no matter where you put them.

Free monogram maker 

Sixty eight free circle monogram templates, that come with their own generator. Select your favorite from the list and open their circle monogram generator. Type in your initials, name, etc. and download! The color of text and boarder is also editable here.

Make your own - Free CMF tutorial for cutting & printing

There are tons of great purchasable and downloadable options. But, if you're a blaze-your-own-path type and set on a DIY approach, here's how to take the monogram from the screen to the real world. This tutorial is specifically for use in creating your own printed circle monogram and then — for those die-hard crafters — using it with the Silhouette Cameo die-cut machine to cut it out and put it everywhere.

Frames and flourishes

Once you've got your monogram all selected, here are some frames to outline your work, and make you that much fancier.

Escutcheon Monogram

From designer and font enthusiast Brian Bonislawsky, this font is a twist on the circular monogram. Rather than having the letters themselves form the circle, the outline of this escutcheon type design makes the circle obvious. Plus there's lots of colors to play with. 

Monogram frames and outlines

Vecteezy has a huge library of frames, from flourishy to straightforward, and outlines in every file format. Many free! Just poke around in the shop to find the perfect outline for your special monogram. There may be almost too many to choose from, so we recommend heading to the keywords tagged at the bottom and selecting the look/feel/ style that you like best, and sorting from there. But, pretty much all these vector images will look great with your circle monogram.

You can go directly to the colorful swirls image from above right here.

20 Scalloped Monogram Frames for printing & cutting

You can download and apply these as SVG/EPS files, and they are also all set up for print use! If you have Silhouette Studio Software or Cricut Design Space, and die cutter that supports any of these file formats: SVG, Studio3, DXF or EPS, then it's time to get printing.

In conclusion, if you have initials and any style at all, you need these fonts. Happy monogramming!



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