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20+ Art Deco Fonts for 1920's Vintage Perfection

20+ Art Deco Fonts for 1920's Vintage Perfection

Free and premium Arts Décoratifs fonts for download

The Art Deco "modern" style of the 1910's and 20's is full of rounded, double lined fonts that are coming back into style now. They're gorgeous and overstated, great for display and poster designs. Here's a list of 20 lovely ones.

NOTE: We updated and improved this list in winter 2022!

The style (and name) of Art Deco comes from the "Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs," held in Paris in the mid 1920's. The idea behind the style when it was created was "modern", combined with rich materials and fine craftsmanship — Art Deco is all about luxury, glamour, and hope for prosperity in the future. Maybe that's why the style is coming back with a vengeance!

Here's a curated list of more than 20 of the best Art Deco fonts available today. Prices for premium font packages can range from $10 to upwards of $150 but most of these are around $10-$20. Everything on this list will provide the fonts in either ttf or otf formats with most downloads containing both (and sometimes others additionally).

Let's get to it:

Aviator - $10

Aviator Art Deco Font

The Aviator Font is brand new from designer Tony Thomas. Aviator is an art deco inspired sans serif typeface that is both elegant and minimal at the same time. A perfect fit for posters, invitations, wedding cards or film and tv. It combines light and heavy stroke widths with simple geometric forms to create a stylish appearance reminiscent of the 1920's design era. 


Croatoan - $8

This semi-bold font is strongly inspired by the Art Deco movement, with combined elements of classic typefaces like Rennie Mackintosh and Willow, but with the added splash of more modern geometry. This is great as a big, bold headline font, and also has hints of the American Horror Story style. It's all uppercase, and comes with 195 glyphs, including common symbols, numbers, and accents for Western European lettering. 

Grandstand - Tall Handwritten Font - $5

This font is inspired by modernism and can be used for branding. It's a condensed awesome font.


Gordon - $8

Meet in the middle of slabs and curves with this sans serif display font that's both geometric and artistic. The typeface is built to go perfectly on posters, wedding cards, invitations, or film. There's very minimal styling, all done with simple geometric forms. It nicely combines heavy and lightweight lines.

Fsy Deko | Vintage Typeface - $22

A font that was inspired by the movie of The Great Gatsby, the Fsy Deko Vintage Typeface. Its retro design is perfect for any commercial use and brings in that retro modern feel with vintage elegance.


Arkyn - Modern Classic Serif Font - $18

The Arkyn - Modern Classic Serif Font is a high contrast type of font that give off the ancient and classic feel making it perfect for posters, branding, beer labels and more.


On Air - $8

This vintage typeface is an all-caps font that comes from a combination of Art Deco feel and retro media / broadcasting. The pack contains 3 variations, one "inline" variation, each with 127 glyphs, with all letters, numbers, and most common symbols. 


Zelda - ArtDeco Font - $16.50 (subscription required)

The Zelda - ArtDeco Font comes in 4 font files with that unique vintage identity and retro feel.


Asche - $8

A unique, sans-serif font that is websafe and inspired by industrial, vintage logo-types. Great for headlines that need a throwback feel! The pack comes with three different weights: Bold (this is the free download option), Regualr, and light, making this a super versatile typeface. Enhance the metallic, industrial feel with with grunge layers and grimy backgrounds.

Savaro Typeface - $15

Introducing the Savaro Typeface by Dikas Studio. The swashes, stylistic character, ligatures and more, make this art deco font truly victorian and stylish.


Vallely - $18

The Vallely is a classic and clean art deco font with a retro feel. Its suitable for logos, wedding invitations, tattoos, liquor and similar designs.


Sauvage - Elegant Font + Logos - $29

The Sauvage - Elegant Font + Logos is a beautiful and elegant typeface font and is great for designing logos, quotes, invitations and even brandings, basically, the list is endless with this font. This font adds timeless beauty, stylish curves and a classic appearance to any project.


Mirosa Font- $48

The On-Air - Vintage Art Deco Font is an all-caps font that brings that retro radio flair from the 50s.


Mara Full Family Typeface - $20

This is a font that can be used for display or short text blocks. It comes with Regular, Light, Bold, Fill and even Italics.


Quartz - $25

The elegant deco font, the Quartz, brings in the chic minimalist style to your designs, making this font ideal for fashion.


Serendior | Decorative Art Deco Font - $18

The Serendior art decor font pack comes with 2 styles - the Block and Stroke, and makes any of your design project unique and stunning and is compatible with all software once downloaded.


Rothko Modern Art Deco Display Font - $28

This art deco font is tall, thin and bring to life modernism for your designs.


Glimmer Of Light - $12

We introduce to you the Glimmer Of Light - a modern stylish font by DNART. Its vintage and elegant feel make it perfect for logos, wedding invitations, posters, and more!


Siegfried - A Mythical Fancy Slab Serif Font - $15

Looking for an art decor font with an ethereal royal feel? The Siegfried font might just be the one you've been looking for. Perfectly suited for design works for fantasy, mythical, and royal themes.


Borest - Elegant Roman Sans Serif - $40

The Amithen Brush Font is stylish and rough combined and making it suitable to go on logos, quotes and so much more.


Ferdinand Serif Font - $29

The Ferdinand Serif Font is a font that combines Victorian elements that make this best useful for magazines, posters, quotes and other project designs.


Bonus — for all you Art Deco die hard fans out there!

The Art Deco Collection - $18

The Art Deco Collection contains everything you need to start creating beautiful vintage 1920's designs

The Medialoot Art Deco collection contains 3 retro fonts, 24 detailed editable vectors, 10 seamless vector patterns and 6 high resolution seamless gold foil textures.




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