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26 Farmhouse Fonts that are Woodsy and Modern

26 Farmhouse Fonts that are Woodsy and Modern

Fonts for Your Farmhouse

Channel your inner fixer upper by using these woodsy and modern farmhouse fonts.

The word ‘farmhouse’ is thrown around willy-nilly these days. But with good reason. The concept of a classic farmhouse means comfort and warmth. It means taking something that might have been stodgy and traditional decades ago and making it rustic and relaxed.

At Medialoot, we’re not trying to fix up your house. But we’ve curated a list of farmhouse styled fonts that will help you bring those elements to your next designs.

Check out our list of free and premium farmhouse fonts to add woodsy, modern stylings to your projects.

Oakwood Rustic Font - $11

Tony Thomas of Medialoot fame has created this truly woodsy, modern farmhouse font that combines the best of the outdoors with a rustic feel. The premium font comes in three styles: Clean, Rough, and Rough Shadow. Each is distinct and a perfect option for your next farmhouse design.

Strong Farmhouse – Free

Strong Farmhouse is an elegant, charming handwritten font that brings a sense of sophistication and grace to the more rustic farmhouse feel. The modern script font is perfect for stationary, social media posts, and branding.

St. Nicholas Font – Free

What’s more woodsy than actual branches and curves of wood making up the letters? St. Nicholas, a free font, is rugged and unique, a perfect combination for those who really want to channel the farmhouse look.

Farmhouse Country Rustic Script Font - Free

Ideal for invitations, textiles, and social media, Farmhouse Country is a textured, woodsy font. While the font is usually sold on Creative Market, it’s free here for a limited time. Of course, if you love Farmhouse Country as much as us, feel free to purchase the premium pack!

Familite – Free

Familite is a font with the thick, uneven lines that are so popular in modern fonts, but it has a warmth to it which could only be farmhouse. The free and easy to read font is perfect for posters and social media posts.

Magnolia Sky – Free

Magnolia Sky is a light, warm font that would make a stunning “Live. Laugh. Love.” poster. While the free version doesn’t come with all the glyphs and ligatures, you’ll still have plenty of options with this farmhouse font.

Monthoers – Free

Because farmhouse styles are all about taking something old and making it new again, some vintage fonts work perfectly for that farmhouse feel. Monthoers is a self-described vintage font, but it’s handmade and has rough edges that make it woodsy and modern.

Yolan Handwritten Font – Free

With Yolan, you’ll get a free script font that is both unique and simple. The sweet, elegant font brings a hominess to designs, giving you a modern take on farmhouse style.

Pine Forest - $15

Add a little bit of playfulness to a lot of outdoorsy-ness and you’ll get Pine Forest. The premium font comes in two different versions: Rough and Press. Both look stunning as headings, on signs, and in social media posts.

Lemon Tuesday – Free

Handwritten fonts are a great way to bring a woodsy, rough, modern feel to farmhouse fonts. Lemon Tuesday is the perfect combination of these elements, creating a slightly worn, character-filled free font.

Nawabiat Handwriting Font – Free

Nawabiat is a charming, personable font that was designed with quotes, posters, clothes, and logos in mind. The free font has uneven edges, but is still and clear enough to be easy to read.

Easy November – Free

The beautiful swashes included in Easy November give it a sweet, modern look that’s perfect for posters and logos. Once you download the free font, you just need to type ‘)’ to add on the swash.

Crafter – Free

The versatility of Crafter is one of the reasons it’s such a strong Farmhouse font. Farmhouse style is all about reusing things that might not seem valuable. Crafter does that with older style weights, but with more modern lines. The free font comes with a rough and a clean style.

Sigwald Handwritten Font - $17

If you want a farmhouse font that is playful and bold, you’ll love Sigwald. The flexibility of SIgwald is enhanced by the many different swashes that come with the premium font. After following the easy installation, you’ll get to start creating your posters, brand campaigns, or quotes in no time!

Market Fresh – Free

Farmhouse style means bright and clean, making Market Fresh the ideal font to capture that feeling. The gorgeous font needs to be seen on signs and in print everywhere.

Old Growth – Free

With its rough, uneven edges, Old Growth may seem a bit rustic. But the free font and its rustic leanings make it a great example of how farmhouse fonts blend more modern designs with the classic. Old Growth comes with alternate and multilingual characters.

Shorelines – Free

Beaches and farmhouses don’t often go together, but the handwritten aspect of Shorelines make it an ideal farmhouse font. The signature font, which is free to download, is delicate, yet imbalanced. It also comes with swashes and a brush and script font option.

Messenger Commercial Font – Free

Messenger is a farmhouse font that’s ideal for packaging because it was inspired by packaging. The vintage font comes in three different styles and makes a big impression without being too obtrusive.

Wilderness Font - $13

The sweeps and lines of Wilderness font bring about a woodsy, rustic feel combined with just a dash of modern. The handwritten font is perfect for packaging and logos. The premium font comes with a ligature, alternates, and multilingual support.

Southern Jannie – Free

If there’s one thing the south does well, its farmhouse stylings. Southern Jannie is just on the edge of modern, with that warmth that can only be found in the south.

Maxwell – Free

Coming in lower and uppercase characters, Maxwell is a free font that can be used to tie any farmhouse styling together. The modern, yet rustic and woodsy, font is ideal for headlines, logos, and, of course, those iconic farmhouse signs.

Moon Flower – Free

Moon Flower is a playful font, with elongated and uneven lines. However, the farmhouse inspired font is a perfect example of how the comfort of older fonts, with a twist of modernity, can make a whole new range of fonts.

Wisdom Script – Pay What You Want

Wisdom Script belongs on a quote poster in a farmhouse kitchen somewhere. The original script font was crafted for a poster series, but now you get access to the woodsy and modern font for free!

Riverfall Textured Typeface - $22

It’s the texture of Riverfall that makes it so unique, as well as an ode to farmhouse modern styles. The premium font comes packed filled with goodies, like five weights, two different styles, stylistic alternates, swashes, and symbols.

Playlist – Free

Playlist is the handwriting you wish you had, but have given up trying to achieve. The authentic, warm font comes with three different styles: Script, Caps, and Ornament. But all the dry brushed versions of Playlist are gorgeous and farmhouse modern.

Dominique – Free

Named after its creator, Dominique is a modern, farmhouse font that comes in two different styles. The fun, outlined version is lighter and more playful. The filled version is modern, with uneven lines that make it look woodsy and natural.



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