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Quick Tip: Instant Digital Brush Hand Lettering in Illustrator

Hand lettering, especially when added to images, is a beautiful trend that I'm partial to. There are tons of ways to get your hand lettering onto the computer in order to turn it into a logo, whether it's dipping a paint brush into ink and trying countless times to get...Read more

How to Design and Paint Your Own Vintage Badge

Creating something by hand can be incredibly rewarding. For a designer or illustrator, the feeling you get when seeing a creation come to life on paper is like no other. Sure, you can create vintage style badges and logos using Illustrator and Photoshop. But sketching and painting your design on...Read more

How to Develop and Implement a New Client Questionnaire

A couple of weeks ago we explored 5 ways to tell if a new client is the right client by asking yourself several questions to help you determine if you should take on this new client. This week will look at a series of questions to ask the potential client...Read more

Quick Tip: How to Change the Pixels Per Inch of An Image in Photoshop

A common misconception that most people have is that the pixels per inch (PPI) or dots per inch (DPI) of an image has some bearing on the quality of an image. The truth of the matter is that pixels per inch is more like a meta data tag that tells...Read more

Tips for Creating Icons with Multiple Style Variations

Icon sets with multiple styles included are becoming more popular. They are a great way of utilising multiple icon styles within a project, whilst still maintaining a consistent overall visual style. This tutorial will show how the process of creating solid, outlined and color versions of the same icons can...Read more

10 Awesome Hand Letterers that You Need to Follow

In recent years it seems that hand crafted design work that is actually crafted BY HAND is becoming more and more of a trend. After such a long period of designers relying on computers as the go to tool for designing, it's a breath of fresh air to see more...Read more

Quick Tip: Creating Grunge Brushes in Adobe Illustrator

Adding grunge specs and scratches in Adobe Illustrator is essential in creating a hand made or roughened look to your vector artwork. Doing so is easier than you think when you incorporate custom scatter brushes into your work flow. Below I'll explain my process for creating these brushes.Read more

How to Create a Hand Drawn Label Design

Pencil and paper… Every designer loves the idea of creating something by hand. And in recent years, it seems, the process of hand drawn design has seen a resurge in popularity and appreciation. This might leave some designers, who developed their digital skills over the past decade, in the dark....Read more

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