What's New On Medialoot

What's New On Medialoot

Improvements on the Website and Behind the Scenes

You may have noticed how much faster your browsing experience has been on Medialoot lately, or at least we hope you have! We've entirely recoded the site from the ground up, and we've made a bunch of other improvements too. Let's walk through some of them.

More resources, more blog posts

Diego, the extremely talented designer from Argentina, has joined our team in a much more meaningful way. This means we're able to offer even more resources than ever before, and we are able to create an additional two tutorials a month. Don't worry, Tony is still making tons of resources and blog posts too. Make sure you check our Browse page so you don't miss any new items.

Faster & easier to find resources

We've reimagined our search and browsing to make it even easier to find the exact resources you need. Start by selecting a category in our header, or go to the Browse page to view them all. From there, you can sort by free or premium items, or choose a specific filetype you need. And just start typing in the large dark-grey browser bar to find exactly what you're looking for.

Blog posts now display in our main search, so if we don't have a resource you're looking for but do have a tutorial, you'll find the information that you need right away.

Faster website experience

As I mentioned before, we completely recoded the site from the ground up. What does this mean? Well it means Mason and I spent uncountable hours coding. But for you, it means the site is fast and a lot less buggy. We've implemented caching in a way that uses our server and your web browser resources better than before, and overall it makes a much smoother, enjoyable browsing experience. 

Better subscription and checkout systems

We've implemented a brand new single purchase and subscription management system as well. This means checkout should be smoother and be more user-friendly. Of course if you have any problems, contact us. I'm usually the one answering everyone's customer service needs, and I would really love to hear your thoughts and feedback if you run into problems or need additional information.

Really cool builders/editors, like ThemeHero

We're working on a lot of fun add-ons to Medialoot that make design a breeze. ThemeHero is a hero header customizer that makes it easy to design, build, and download unique hero headers for landing pages, blogs, business sites, and more. Select from a range of styles, customize with colors and content, and at the end you'll get an easy-to-install HTML and CSS file. You should really check this one out and at least play around with it; it's a ton of fun. Oh, and if you're a Medialoot member, you have access to the premium ThemeHero hero headers for free.

More improvements on their way

We have a lot of plans for improving the site further. Here's a taste of what we have in mind:

  • Better resource linking so that you can find related resources that might be a better fit for your exact project
  • Improving and creating new Medialoot add-ons, like ThemeHero
  • Bigger fully-coded resources, similar to the Bootstrap 4 Startup UI Kit
  • Re-categorizing of our resources to better match what our users are looking for
  • Better lightbox interface for logged-in users
  • Some other things we can't talk about yet :)

What do you think? Let us know in the comments or feel free to reach out directly.



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