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How to Wrap Text Around Any Object in Illustrator

How to Wrap Text Around Any Object in Illustrator

Illustrator Tips & Tricks

There are a few different techniques to wrap a text around an object in Illustrator. The simplest one is probably less known, so today I will show you how easily you can wrap a text around any object in Illustrator. With this method, you'll have the ability to edit both the shape and the text even after you finish without having to make the process again.

Before we begin, if you want to follow this tutorial exactly as described, please download the following free image from Pexels: Download.

Step 1

Open Illustrator and make a new file of any size you want. In this case, I will make mine at 1200 x 800 px.

Step 2

Go to File > Place. Locate the image you want to use in your composition on your computer an click the "Place" button.

Step 3

Click once over the artboard (to place the full size image) or click and drag to adjust the image size to your liking.

Step 4

Select the Pen Tool (P) and draw the text box shape you want to use around the object as shown.

Step 5

Select the Area Type Tool (which is located under the Type Tool menu) and click once over the path boundaries.

Step 6

You can now edit your text using any font, at any size and with any color as you normally do in Illustrator.

Step 7

If you want to make fine tune adjustments to the type area, pick the Direct Selection Tool (A) and then simply arange the different anchors points of your path to your liking.

Step 8

As the text inside the path remains fully editable, you can easily change the font size, color, and typeface as you normally do with any text in Illustrator.



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