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How to Easily Wrap Text Around Any Object in Photoshop

How to Easily Wrap Text Around Any Object in Photoshop

Wrapping Text in Photoshop

Want to wrap your long form texts around a object so the words fit in and still look appealing without the hassle of adjusting every word per line? Then read on as I walk you through the simple trick to effectively wrap texts around any object in Photoshop under 5 minutes!

Step 1

Open your image in Photoshop.

Step 2

Select the Lasso Tool (L) and draw a rough selection on the area that you want your text to be written.

Step 3

Go to Window > Paths and click on the "Make Work Path From Selection" icon.

Step 4

Select the Horizontal Type Tool (T) and click anywhere inside the path area.

Step 5

Using any font, at any size and with any color, type your text as you normally do in Photoshop.

Step 6

If you want to make fine tune adjustments to the type area, select the Direct Selection Tool (A) and then simply arange the different anchors points of your path to your liking.

Step 7

As the text inside the path remains fully editable, you can easily change the font size, color and typeface as you normally do with any text in Photoshop.



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