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How to Easily Make Your Own Outdoor Logo

How to Easily Make Your Own Outdoor Logo

Outdoor Logos made easy

Although I strongly recommend that you hire a professional to make the logo design of your company (it's the most important part of your brand identity!) we do know that a lot of non-designers want to make their own quick logo for their personal brand. And the wodsy look is so in right now. So with that being said, and to point you in the right direction when designing an outdoor logo, here's some guidance and resources (available here at Medialoot) so you can make your own logo.

There are of course many different types and styles that are suitable for outdoor logos depending on what you want your logo to denote, from modern and minimalistic ones to those with lot of details and a retro/vintage look & feel.

Today, rather than showing you how to draw certain shapes used on outdoor logos (like mountains, trees, tents, arrows, etc) I will show you the potential of some of the ready-made resources we have here at Medialoot that you can use to combine different elements from the same or different packs to make your own outdoor logo.

But before we start, and if you want to follow this tutorial exactly as described, please download the following assets:

Step 1

Make a new file in Illustrator in CMYK color mode at 300 dpi at any size you want and name it as “Outdoor Logo”. As we will be working with vector shapes, the dimensions are not crucial at this point.

Step 2

Open the “Hand Drawn Vector Sunbursts” file. Select any of the sunburst distributions you like and press Ctrl+C on your keyboard to copy the sunburst to the clipboard.

Step 3

Back to the “Outdoor Logo” artboard, press Ctrl+V to paste the sunburst and change the color to C=24 M=33 Y=60 K=0.

Step 4

Open the “Hand Drawn Vector Mountains” file, select any mountain illustration you like and copy the mountain to the clipboard by pressing Ctrl+C.

Step 5

Paste the mountain on the “Outdoor Logo” file, and change the color to C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=100.

Step 6

Zoom in a bit on the graphic if needed. Double click on the sunburst to enter in isolation mode and delete some lines behind the white space of the mountain and the ones at the bottom as shown. When finished, double click anywhere in the artboard to exit isolation mode.

Step 7

Select the Ellipse Tool and draw a circle around the sunburst shape as shown.

Step 8

Click and hold on the Type Tool, and from the dropdown menu select the “Type on a Path Tool”.

Step 9

With the “Type on a Path Tool” selected, click on the bottom anchor point of the circle we just did and type your text using your preferred font. In this case I am using Woodblock Sans but feel free to use any other font you like.

Step 10

Select the regular Type Tool (T) and, using the same color of the sunburst, type the main name and a tagline using any font you want.

Step 11

To add a small detail to the logo, double click the sunburst to enter isolation mode.

Step 12

Select 2 small lines and press Ctrl+C to copy the lines to the clipboard and exit isolation mode by double clicking anywhere outside the sunburst.

Step 13

Press Ctrl+V to paste the clipboard content. Set the color to black and arrange the lines to form an "x" as shown.

Step 14

Select the “x” shape formed by the two lines and press Ctrl+C to copy the shape and then Ctrl+F to paste it in the same place.

Step 15

Now simply hold the Shift key on your keyboard and using the Selection Tool (V) drag the “x” shape to the right side.

Step 16

Select all the elements and press Ctrl+G on your keyboard to make a group.

Step 17

Open the “Medialoot Vector Textures” file, select any texture you like and copy the texture to the clipboard by pressing Ctrl+C.

Step 18

Paste the texture in the “Outdoor Logo” file. Adjust the position of the texture to cover the whole logo and press Ctrl+C to copy the new repositioned texture to the clipboard and delete it.

Step 19

Select the Logo group, go to Window > Transparency and click on the “Make Mask” button.

Step 20

Uncheck the “Clip” option and click on the right thumbnail.

Step 21

Finally, press Ctrl+F to paste the texture in the same position you place it over the logo and then click on the left thumbnail to finish the logo.

Some Final Words

This is just 1 of many different combinations that you can make by using only these 3 resources, but there are plenty of them here at Medialoot. Be sure to check some very useful ones to make outdoor logos like the “Hand Drawn Vector Trees”, “Hand Drawn Camping Vector Icons”, “Hand Painted Vector Badge Shapes”, “Hand Drawn Badge and Insignia Builder”, and many more ready for you to combine and make your unique Outdoor Logo in a record time.



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