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How to Create the Perfect Media Kit Template for your Brand

How to Create the Perfect Media Kit Template for your Brand

Everything you need to know about media kits and a free template

What is a Media Kit? Do you need one? And if so, how do you go about creating a media kit that will show potential advertisers and collaborators that your blog or social media channel means business?

What is a Media Kit?

A media kit is a way to share your blog or social media channel's key statistics and basic information (including contact details) with potential advertisers and collaborators. Media Kit's are becoming increasingly popular in the blogging realm and usually take the form of a 1-2 page, printable PDF document.

Do you Need a Media Kit?

If you run a blog, you probably already know that earning an income in the blogging world isn't as straight-forward as it may be in other business sectors. Advertising is one of the primary channels that most blogs rely on to earn, and as such if you want to grow your blog or social media channel into a source of income, then advertisement oppurtunities should be pursued.

But will a media kit help you get advertisers on board with your blog? I would say that if you have a successful blog and are actively reaching out to potential collaborators or get a lot of requests from advertisers in your inbox asking for more information and statistics then definitely, yes. It will make you look professional and provide the information that collaborators are looking for.

If you have a relatively new venture and your statistics are not at the level you would like to see just yet, a media kit probably won't hurt but you may want to tailor it to focus on your future goals and projected statistics instead. It will show that you are serious about growing your brand and getting more traffic.

What Should you Include on your Media Kit?

A summary of your blog
A short summary of your blog, including information such as topics you discuss and who your demographic is. If you are reaching out to marketers in a particular industry, be sure to focus on details that will specifically appeal to them.

Information about you
In addition to talking about your blog, be sure to mention a few key facts about yourself. You can talk about your experience, your personality and what people say about you. Potential advertisers want to know who you are and why they should advertise with you over somebody else.

This is very important, it doesn't matter how much an advertiser loves you and your blog, if you can't back it up all with statistics they aren't going to choose you. Deciding to collaborate with you is a financial decision for marketers and they need to see what your audience and engagement looks like. Mention page views, unique visitors and followers.

Social Media Presence
Secondary to your blog statistics, collaborators with also be looking for somebody with a strong social media presence. Think of your social media accounts as an extension of your blog, your follower stats back up your visitor numbers and prove that you are reliable across the board.

Your Rates
It is very common to include some of your prices on a blog media kit, you don't need to include every single collaboration option you are open to, but providing 2-5 of your most popular packages will give potential advertisers enough information to reach out to you and discuss custom options.

Some examples of what you can include are prices for advertisements, sponsored posts, product placement and full campaigns. Provide just enough information to get the ball rolling.

Contact details
Now that you have them hooked, they need to know how to reach out to you. This part should be pretty self explanatory, but be sure to include at the bare minimum an email address. Also including a phone number or address will make you appear more professional and reliable.

Free Media Kit Template

Includes two page layouts for slightly different purposes, one is specifically for sending to advertisers and features an overview of your sponsorship prices. The other layout features key statistics and a text area to talk about yourself and your blog.

Each layout is supplied in both Adobe Illustrator and Microsoft Word formats. Both layouts include an editable banner image and only use a single free font

Free Download



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