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22 Free Media Kit Templates to Pitch Your Brand

22 Free Media Kit Templates to Pitch Your Brand

Pitch like a Pro

Media kit templates will make it simple to present your brand in a professional way to sponsors and collaborators.

Your blog is your brand. If you want to be successful in your niche, you need to market yourself by collaborating with companies and other brands to appeal to your audience. One of the easiest ways to make these connections is through the use of media kits.

Even though media kits are often thought of as being old school, they’re actually the perfect way for you to show off your social presence and experience in an easy to understand layout. The right media kit will boost your professionalism so it’s easier to connect to potential partners and clients.

To help you craft your media kit, we’ve put together several free templates so you can pitch your brand to collaborators and sponsors.

Free Blog Media Kit

We will always start with the best on these lists! MediaLoot is offering a free dynamic, customizable media kit. Our media kit comes in two different layouts, one with sponsorship costs and the other for statistics. Both will provide you with what you need to make an impression and build connections.

Xtensio Media Kit

Xtensio offers a wide range of beautifully designed documents and files for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Their free media kit allows you to showcase you history, services, and products. The template is easy to customize, so you can spend less time designing and more time connecting.

Mr. Digital Nomad Media Kit for Bloggers

We love this template, not just because it’s clean and easy to use, but because the designer walks you through all the steps required to create the best media kit possible. From gathering your information to terms of agreement, you’ll have all the support you need to turn this template into your dream media kit.

Five Marigolds Media Kit Template

If you’re specifically looking to work with advertisers and brands, you’ll want this gorgeous media kit template. With eye-catching icons and a precise layout, Five Marigolds media kit will let you present your information in the most beautiful format imaginable.

And Possibly Dinosaurs Media Kit

For first time media kit creators, And Possibly Dinosaurs will be a dream resource. The article that accompanies the free template goes into detail on building a media kit, the best information to include, and what expectations advertisers will have.

Free Media Kit by Dana Nicole Designs

Sometimes simplicity is best, which is why we adore this media kit designed by Dana Nicole. The contemporary template has space for all your information, but with enough space and blocks to keep it clean, perfect for a modern brand.

Tell Me Tuesday Media Kit Download

We love this template for lifestyle brands, simply because it’s so pretty. Even adding your own media and graphics won’t take away from the clean-cut beauty of this media kit template.

BlogFoster Academy Blogger Media Kit

Even though you don’t have to keep the dark green and contrasting pink colors of this template, we love the drama the palette brings to this media kit. The template from BlogFoster Academy includes large, clear areas to present your stats, so they’ll be the first things your potential sponsors see.

Free Media Kit for Your Blog by Melyssa Griffin

Melyssa Griffin designed this free media kit with bloggers in mind. Because bloggers have such a unique brand identity, she’s included more space for images and stats, making this template the perfect option for new or even well-established bloggers.

Beautiful Dawn Designs Media Kit for Bloggers

This media kit was designed during a collaboration between Beautiful Dawn Designs and Chakowa from Blogger Kit Co. We love the bold title spaces of this media kit, as well as the spaces for statistics, which are so important when looking for sponsors.

Free Media Kit for Food Bloggers

If you’re a food blogger, restaurateur, or food truck owner, this is definitely the media kit template for you. The kit gives space for the types of services you offer, as well as your stats, with plenty of space for drool-worthy food pictures!

Helene in Between Media Kit

Helene in Between, the designer of this free media kit, doesn’t just offer a fun, eye-grabbing template, she also provide invaluable information for those trying to build up their blog and brand. Even if you’re just on the hunt for a free template, take time to read through this post for valuable help and resources.

Media Kit Template

We love the brand-focus of this media kit. The template uses icons to present statistics, keeping potential sponsors focused and enthralled. Plus, the minimalistic, modern design of the template is just stunning.

City Girl Searching Free Media Kit Template

When you’re starting with building your brand, it can feel like no one understands how hard it is to get a business up and running. We love City Girl Searching because she’s taken all these struggles into account when crafting this free media kit. The template, plus all the amazing information she provides, will help you make an impression.

Media Kit Template by Kotryna Bass

We love this template for the amount of space it allows for photos. We know statistics are what sponsors look for, but this media kit allows you to showcase your brand first, with the statistics just being an added benefit.


Even though we think the free media kits listed above are amazing, we know there will be times when you need a little extra something when reaching out to potential sponsors and collaborators. If you’re looking for a premium media kit, check out our paid options below.

3 Page Creative Media Kit

If you’re looking for a media kit that will allow you to go into more detail, you should start with this three page option. The minimalistic design points focus towards your information and the longer format will give you more of a chance to introduce your brand.

Modern Media Kit Template

Coming with two pages and editable in Word, Photoshop, or Illustrator, this media kit is everything you need. The kit also comes with free font downloads, so you can actually recreate the design you see above.

Blog Media Kit Template

We love the exaggerated fonts and headings of this template. By creating an almost moving dynamic for your information, you’ll immediately show potential sponsors and collaborators that you and your brand are unique.

Pixel and Oak Media Kit Template

The Pixel and Oak media kit is simplicity at its finest. The fully editable template will help you present your brand in a clean, modern way that sponsors love these days.

Blogger Media Kit Template by Stephanie Design

Here’s another option for those who have a little more information they’d like to include with their media kit. Coming with three different pages, this template will give you ample space to outline your brand. Plus, it’s so contemporary and gorgeous!

Dapper Three Page Media Kit

Crafted specifically for lifestyle and design brands, this template is so incredibly easy to personalize. The three page media kit can be customized in Word, so you won’t even need any fancy programs to get your kit up and ready to go.

My Darling Clementine Media Template

Even though this media kit can be personalized in Word, it looks like you’ve spent hours in Photoshop designing all the ins and out. With three pages to present your stats, My Darling Clementine is a clean and modern design perfect for any brand.



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