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Best Social Media Kit Templates for Your Blog or Brand

Best Social Media Kit Templates for Your Blog or Brand

Save time on your posts

You can use social media templates to save yourself time and effort, without sacrificing style.

If you’ve spent any amount of time building your social media network, whether for your blog or brand, you know that creating engaging content is only half the battle. A huge part of what keep people turning to you for information or entertainment is how you present it to them. Because presentation is so important, having a full portfolio of social media templates is a must these days.

To help you keep your blog or brand running smoothly, we’ve collected some of our favorite social media kit templates. Not only are these templates stunning, they’ll also save you a lot of time, so you can focus on your blog or brand.

Multipurpose Social Media Template

With 8 contemporary designs for all the social media giants, this multipurpose social media kit has everything you need. Perfect for bloggers and designers, you can use this easily customizable kit for an individual post or for an entire social campaign. We love the elegance of these templates, which is why it got the number one spot on our list!

Ultimate Lifestyle Blogger Social Media Kit

Created specifically for lifestyle bloggers, this social media set is beautifully accentuated with light and airy colors, clean lines, and fonts that truly stand out. The kit comes with 40 files that can all be adjusted as needed. Whether you need a template for your Pinterest boards, giveaways, or blog posts, this gorgeous set will have you covered.

Hope Social Media Booster Pack

One of the best things about the Hope Social Media Booster is that it was created to be seasonally updated. Offering 15 Photoshop templates, with three sizes for each, you can change out images to keep a firm brand throughout every season. Hope also comes with free fonts, organized layers, and is so simple to customize.

Social Media Bundle

Sometimes, bigger is better. And with this huge social media bundle, you’ll get almost unlimited support for your blog or brand. The updated version of this kit includes 252 hi-res designs that come in three different sizes, for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Thanks to all the variety offered in this kit, you’ll have more than enough to keep your followers coming back for more.

Stylish Social Media Pack

Ideal for fashion and retail brands, the Stylish pack comes with 25 templates that can all be personalized in Photoshop. Stylish offers 5 different sizes for all its options and you can customize almost every aspect of the templates, from pictures and logos to text and buttons.

Ireland Social Media Pack

There is something so beautifully effortless about the Ireland Social Media Pack. Every post has the cleanest lines that draw the eye, making it easy to see how you could use them for your own social media. Ireland comes with 14 posts in 3 different sizes that you can fully customize.

Social Media Booster Kit

If you need to give yourself more time to focus on content, the Social Media Booster Kit is exactly what you need. The 15 templates can be edited and customized within minutes, offering an effectiveness that will help you save time. The kit also comes with free fonts and 4 marble textures.

Summer Themed Social Media Kit

In the midst of this cold and dreary winter, summer seems far away, but every blogger knows you need to plan ahead. This summer themed kit has modern, fun designs that will perfectly frame your warm weather posts. The kit comes with 15 banner templates and 5 color combinations.

Blush and Gold Social Media Templates

For beautiful, stylish, and consistent social media and blog posts, Blush and Gold offers just the right amount of sparkle. The glitzy and gorgeous templates will keep things on-brand and save you time, all while being so simple to use. In fact, you can edit Blush and Gold templates on your phone!

Juniper Social Media Pack

Juniper is a multipurpose social media pack that comes with 16 design variations in 3 different sizes. The design of Juniper is so fresh and clean, so it will keep the professional look of your brand. Plus, the pack comes with free images and fonts, so you won’t have to spend time looking for matches.

Social Media Collection by Design Love Shop

With three different sizes, banner, portrait, and square, that can be used for a wide range of social media posts, this collection offers your brand a simple way to stay connected with your audience. The Social Media Collection also comes with 20 story format files, perfect for your Instagram.

Health and Fitness Social Media Kit

Most of the templates on this list can be used for a variety of purposes. However, if you’re in the fitness industry and want something a little more on-brand, this kit offers a unique twist. The Health and Fitness kit comes with 10 templates, each coming with an Instagram and Facebook variant.

Infopreneurs Social Media Kit

In an effort to make posting your content simplicity itself, the Infopreneur kit offers 30 different files in 3 different formats. Designed to attract target-specific readers, the template comes with its own fonts and pictures, simplifying the process even more.

California Social Media Pack

California comes with 14 easy-to-edit templates, all of which are geared towards lifestyle and design brands. The 14 templates that come with California are available for Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram and can be customized in Photoshop.

Coppering Social Media Kit

The gorgeous silver, copper, gold, and rose gold textures that come with Coppering will perfectly accentuate your brand and style. Coppering also includes 35 templates, 10 flower illustrations, and its own help tutorials.

Professional Social Media Kit

The professional, trendy designs offered with this social media kit will help cover the vast majority of your social media needs. The kit comes with 15 banner templates, 3 size options, and 5 color combinations. Ideal for a lifestyle or fashion brand, we’re sure you’ll love this set as much as we do!

Food Blogger Social Media Kit

There’s a certain amount of whimsy to this food-themed media kit. If you want to showcase your food and brand in a unique, eye-catching way, the 40 different files offered with this kit will be more than enough. Every one of the 40 files is available in 3 different formats, so all your social media needs will be covered.

Modern Designer Social Media Pack

When we think modern, we think simplicity. Minimalism. And this Modern Design social media pack offers all that and more! The pack comes with 9 modern, clean designs, 12 customizable templates, and free fonts and images.

Clean and Minimal Social Media Kit

When you’ve worked hard to create content, you don’t want to pull focus by having cluttered, overcomplicated social media posts. The Clean and Minimal kit offers 15 banner templates that will frame your work without overshadowing it.

Social Media Package for Bloggers – Light Edition

By keeping its designs clean and bright, the Social Media package is able to offer bloggers the perfect way to share with their followers. This package comes with 45 custom templates that you can optimize for any platform. Plus, it also comes with 3 media kit templates, perfect for reaching out to potential sponsors.



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