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How to Add Style & Texture to a Font to Make it Look Outdoorsy

How to Add Style & Texture to a Font to Make it Look Outdoorsy

Combining Textures and Layer Styles in Photoshop

If you've ever wondered how to make a simple plain text looks outdoorsy, this is the blog for you. This particular effect can be easily achieved in Photoshop by using a wide range of techniques (some more complex and some stupid simple) but the technique here makes use of a simple texture and easy layer styling. This technique, besides being used on text, can also be used for your typographic compositions, badges and logos.​​

But before we start, and if you want to follow this tutorial exactly as described, please download the following resources:

Step 1

Open any image to be used as your background in Photoshop.

Step 2

Select the Type Tool (T) and write your text using any font you wish. In this case, I will type “Adventure” using the Florista typeface.

Step 3

Go to Layer > Duplicate Layer. Name this layer as “Inner Glow” and click OK.

Step 4

In the Layers Panel, set the Fill of the “Inner Glow” layer to 0%.

Step 5

With the “Inner Glow” layer active, hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard and select the “Adventure” layer.

Step 6

In the Layers Panel click on the “Create New Group” icon.

Step 7

With the layer group selected, go to Layer > New Fill Layer > Solid Color. Name this layer as “Color”, be sure to check the “Use Previous Layer to Create Clipping Mask” and click OK.

Step 8

In the Color Picker Window set any color you want for your text. In this case I will set it to #e1e2e2.

Step 9

Open the “grunge-6.jpg” texture from the "Grunge Textures & Vectors" pack.

Step 10

Go to Layer > New > Layer from Background.

Step 11

Go to Image > Adjustments > Levels. Set the Shadow Input Level to 100, the Midtone Input Level to 0,35, the Highlight Input Level to 235 and click OK.

Step 12

Go to Select > All and then to Edit > Copy.

Step 13

Hit the Delete key on your keyboard.

Step 14

Press “Q” to enter Quick Mask Mode and go to Edit > Paste.

Step 15

Press “Q” again to exit the Quick Mask Mode.

Step 16

Go to Select > Inverse.

Step 17

Go to Edit > Fill. Apply the following settings and click OK.

Step 18

Go to Select > Deselect.

Step 19

Drag and drop the texture layer to the original document and place it between the “Adventure” and “Inner Glow” layers.
Note: You can adjust the size of the texture if needed.

Step 20

With the texture layer selected, go to Layer > Layer Style > Blending Options. Apply the following settings and click OK.

Step 21

To make the text a bit more interesting, select the “Inner Glow” layer and go to Layer > Layer Style > Inner Glow. Apply the following settings and click OK.
Note: It does not matter the color you choose here, but depending on your text size you may need to change the Inner Glow Size value a bit.

Step 22

Now that we finished our Outdoor Text Effect, and If you want to change your text color, simply double click on the “Color” layer thumbnail, pick any color from the Color Picker window and click OK.



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