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Simple, Clean, Minimalist Keynote Templates for Amazing Presentations

Simple, Clean, Minimalist Keynote Templates for Amazing Presentations

Present like a Pro

Contemporary, minimalistic Keynote templates to make the right impression at meetings and presentations.

First impressions matter, which is why it’s important when you’re making a presentation to have just the right template. The best templates are those that effortlessly blend your information and points with a clean, minimalistic design.

We’ve gathered a few of our favorite contemporary, minimalistic Keynote templates, so you’ll have everything you need to make the right impression at your next meeting, presentation, or pitch.

Minimalist Presentation Template

We’re offering our own Keynote and PowerPoint presentation template! We might be a bit biased, but we love the simplicity of this template, which comes with 46 customizable slides, so you can add your data with no hassle.

Mayka Keynote Template

Mayka offers the perfect balance between clean, minimalistic lines and modern edges and angles. The pack comes with over 50 adjustable slides, all of which are in full HD and with unlimited color options, so you can make your presentation uniquely yours.

Ghost Minimal Keynote Template

If you’re looking for a Keynote template that was specifically designed to serve as a portfolio, Ghost is definitely the place to start. The contemporary design frames the data you want to present in a simple way that draws the eyes and holds attention. Plus, Ghost comes with over 100 slides, 450 vector icons, and resizable graphics.

Hana Minimal Keynote Template

We love the minimalistic design of Hana, but we’re also crazy about the animation that is included with the template. The gorgeous design is perfect for any business or work presentation, but with its pops of color, Hana is actually quite fun.

Slimline Keynote Presentation Template

Another one of our favorites, for obvious reasons, the Slimeline template has a distinct professional design that is perfect for business and corporate presentations. The pack comes with 43 slides, which you can personalize with your own information, including graphs and diagrams.

The Fashion Keynote

As its name suggests, The Fashion Keynote was created with designers specifically in mind. The layout is clean and modern, ideal for lookbooks. With your purchase of this template, you’ll get over 135 unique slides, which come with charts, graphs, maps, scheduling options, and pricing pages. The Fashion Keynote also includes over 500 icons, so you’ll have everything in one place while you craft your presentation.

Sphere Minimal Keynote Template

If you want a modern presentation template that also includes cool brush photo layouts, then you need to check out Sphere. The easy to edit template includes 140 slides, 450 vector icons, resizable graphics, and is in full HD.

MNML Keynote

As its name suggests, MNML is a minimalists dream. The design keeps things basic, but with such style and creativity, your presentation is sure to be a success. While we adore MNML for its 150 slides, 700 icons, and gorgeous layout, what we really appreciate is that the template comes with free support, for any of your design questions.

Helvetic Studio Keynote Presentation

The Helvetic Studio template proves that black and white will always be in style. Also called The Keynote, this template is so packed with goodies, you’ll probably never need another presentation option again. All of the 200 slides included in this pack come with unique textures and lines, perfectly accented by the maps, info graphs, shapes, and icons that also come with Helvetic Studio.

Pitch Deck Presentation Template

The Pitch Deck template was designed with startups in mind. Because the needs of startup presentations are so unique, not all business or corporate templates will work for them. The 40 minimalistic slides included with Pitch Deck were created to appeal to investors, tell a story, and present your startup in the best way possible.

Rhino Keynote Presentation with GIFT

Not only does Rhino have the angles and edges to give it a clean, modern look, this presentation template is also packed full with extra goodies. Rhino comes with over 115 slides, 450 icons, 50 infographics, vector maps, and 7 mockup devices!

Ruang Keynote Template

Ruang provides a pop of color to its contemporary template that makes it stand out from other options on this list. This Keynote template gives a feeling of depth and the idea of nature in its slides, ideal for environmentally conscious presentations.

Quintus Minimal Keynote Template

For a presentation template that is both minimalistic and professional, look no further than Quintus. With its 90 unique slides, 450 vector icons, and drag and drop picture changes, Quintus will give you the contemporary designs you need to present your portfolio.

Trend Keynote Template

The picture galleries, title slides, and break slides from Trend are so clean and beautiful, you’ll want to use it for all your presentations. The simplistic template is packed full, with 200+slides, 10 pre-made color templates, and more than 2,000 slides in total.

Space Keynote Template

The Space Keynote template is extremely modern, offering you more than 150 slides that can be used for multiple purposes. The lines and edges, slants and graphics of Space offer an ideal way to showcase your data, projects, and ideas.

Fylora Keynote Template

With so many greyscale templates on this list, we need a little burst of color. Fylora provides a simple touch of green to its presentation which makes it the perfect lookbook option. The template is still minimalistic, with its clean lines, so you can have professionalism and style.

Perfect Keynote Presentation

Perfect takes things back to the basics. With columns for information, modest color variations, and a no-nonsense design, Perfect gives you the most minimalistic template option available, but without sacrificing quality. 

Minimal Keynote Bundle Template

If you aren’t sure which template bundle you need, then you should consider purchasing Minimal. The bundle comes with 10 different templates, though all incorporate the simplicity of modern design. For a one-stop-shop, you can’t do any better than Minimal!

Earth Keynote Template

Nothing is more calming or inspiring than nature. Earth incorporates earth tones and lines into its 200 multipurpose slides and 100 master slides. Earth is easy to customize and comes with several info graphs, vector icons, and transition animation.

Verzus Minimal Keynote Template

The versatility of Verzus is the number one thing that sets it apart. Because it can be used for so many different presentation types, whether for a project, business, startup, or nonprofit, Verzus comes with a wide range of styles, slides, and vector options.

Raven Keynote Presentation

The minimalistic style of Raven doesn’t keep it from packing a powerful punch. The overlapping layers and extremely tight lines give Raven the flexibility to be used for different projects, while offering enough variation to never get boring.

Neue Minimal Keynote Template

We’ve mentioned it before, but we’ll say it again for those in the back: Black and white will always be a classic. Neue uses its sharp black and white design to present everything from photos and portfolios to maps and diagrams, with such a cleanness that it will definitely keep your attention.

Grayscale Keynote Template

While we love the dark shades of this Grayscale template, what really makes it powerful are the occasional pops of color that you can add. This Keynote template comes with over 600 slides, editable charts, vector-based icons, and free support for any of your questions.

Viola Keynote Presentation

You’ll love the modern and simplistic style of the Viola Keynote presentation template. By keeping the divisions on slides clean and straight, Viola gives you the opportunity to add stunning photos or graphics to accentuate your information.

Bestro Creative Keynote Template

Bestro is another template that uses the power of color to add an extra ‘wow’ factor to a presentation. The gorgeous symmetry and creativity in this template make it truly one-of-a-kind, which is exactly what you need to craft a stand-out presentation!



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