29 Beautiful, Free Hand Lettering Fonts

29 Beautiful, Free Hand Lettering Fonts

29 freebie (and 13 premium) fonts to download today

Use these free hand lettering fonts to give your project a unique twist.

A picture’s worth a thousand words, but what if your words looked as pretty as a picture? With these gorgeous hand lettering fonts, you’ll be able to make an impression, sans pictures. We’ve collected our favorite free fonts, as well as the best premium options, so you can find everything in one place.

Free Hand Lettered Fonts

These fonts may be free, but they’re all of the highest quality. Find your favorites or get them all!

Gilded Hand - free

Gilded Hand will give your design or project a beautiful handwritten feeling. The loopy, classic font is a perfect option if you want a more definitive look.

Lilly - free

If you want something a little more funky for your font, you’ll adore Lilly. The hand drawn brush font has rough edges, crooked lines, and enough characteristic to be perfect for your titles or headlines.

Buffalo - free

The vintage look and gorgeous loops of Buffalo make it an ideal option for logos, fashion, or quotes. You’ll want to have this font on hand just in case you have promotional or branding work to get done.

Wildera - free

Inspired by a calligraphy project, Wildera has a beautiful and feminine look. When you download the package, you’ll get upper and lowercase stylized fonts, plus all the ligatures.

Liberal Hand - free

Sometimes you just want something classic. Liberal Hand takes the classic serif font and mixes it up with a hand drawn style that is simply gorgeous. It comes in both regular and bold, perfect for any of your projects.

Stay Classy - free

Stay Classy is simplicity itself. The beautiful cursive loops and whirls are ideal for signatures.

Wild Youth - free

If you want a bold, modern font for your logo, fashion, or headings, Wild Youth is perfect for you. The hand drawn brush script is strong, yet subtle.

Bonfire - free

Even though Bonfire could be used for a number of projects, we love it on logos and apparel. The set comes with two capital letter options.

El Capitan - free

El Capitan isn’t your typical font. The loud, distinctive script stands out, making it ideal for branding purposes.

Quentin - free

With its rough edges and dry brush strokes, Quentin looks like it’s authentically hand written. The font is ideal for signatures, but will also work for branding.

Malina - free

Malina is gorgeous. It’s so classy and elegant, we think it is perfect for cards, invitations, and logos.

Thirsty Dog - free

Thirsty Dog is definitely a unique font. It looks scratchy and larger than life, which we think makes it a great font for making a big impression.

The Secret - free

If you’re looking for a fresh, playful font that still looks professional, you’ll love The Secret. We think it’s perfect for apparel, pillows, or even mugs!

Banmantoe - free

Don’t let its name fool you, Banmantoe is actually quite a serious font. The handwritten font is clean and modern, but it still has character, making it versatile.

Mathlete - free

Even if you were never good at math, you’ll love Mathlete. The font is dramatic and large, and the package comes with four different versions of the script.

Luciano - free

Luciano is so posh you’ll only want to use it for your fanciest projects. The slanted, cursive font is clean and flows so beautifully. We’d love to see this on stationary, apparel, and stationary.

Dragon is coming - free

Kitschy but cute — this tilted stilted font is great for that jotted-off look.

Birds of Paradise - free

A classy, calm, and even font with just enough flair to keep things interesting. 

Sweet Pineapple - free

A lovely hand-drawn serif, good for titles or headlines. This lovely set has all upper/lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. 

Mochary - free

Blocky meets scripty in this beautiful, ligatured font.

Plicata - free

Heavy marker with quick strokes makes this font strong and assured.

Parker - free

james lafuente parker font free uppercase sans serif

Parker is a free hand drawn font by James Lafuente that contains uppercase letters, numbers, and some symbols. Heavy marker with quick strokes makes this font strong and assured.

Smoothie Shop - free with email

This one requires an email login, but we thought it was too nice not to include — it's got that real sharpie texture feel that's hard to replicate digitally.

Arabella - free

Swooshy and ligatured to perfection. Can't get enough of this one on a textured watercolor paper background, honestly.

Fabfelt - free

This feels like the pinnacle of hipsterness meets classy cursive. Free and we love it. 

Eisley Claise - free

This looks like real handwriting, and is a great, uneven font when you want something to look truly written.

Scaramella - free

Perfect pairing for a textured background, if you want to write a Jane-Austen-era-looking letter (but don't want to get your hands all inky).

Smooth Stone - free

Perfect with a smoothed out backdrop, this font looks like water drips on a stone. 

Lost at Sea - free

Lost at Sea is a handwritten font with varying heavy and light line weights. 

Premium Fonts

The free fonts above are gorgeous, but sometimes you need a little something extra. We’ve put together a few of our favorite premium hand lettering fonts. They may cost you a little something, but they’re very much worth it!

Starstruck - premium

Starstruck has charm and sophistication with its swirly script. The set comes with a decorative bonus, which includes additional glyphs, ligatures, and even a few extra common letter combinations.

Vibes - premium

If you want a modern font that looks like authentic handwriting, Vibes has your back. The script is ideal for watermarks, signatures, and logos. Plus, Vibes comes with multilingual support.

Candace - premium

We love the distinct, clean lines of the Candace font. The set comes with upper and lowercase numbers, punctuation, and a few alternatives, too.

Heart and Soul - premium

Made using a dip-pen, this font really does capture the heart and soul of its designer. The beautiful script is perfect for social media quotes.

Evey - premium

Evey is an elongated, simplistic sans serif-inspired font that is perfect for a modern project. The set also supports a wide range of languages, so it’s perfect for you linguists!

Daisy Dog - premium

Perfect for titles and headings, Daisy Dog is an all-caps font that offers a boldness with a side of whimsy. You’ll have to turn on your caps to use the font.

Specialist - premium

We love how perfect Specialist is for signatures or logos. The script is modern and elegant, so you have to have it to class up any of your new projects.

Ball Pen - premium

Ball Pen is a wider, more open font that flows like a real pen would when writing cursive. It’s an easy-to-read font, making it ideal for fashion, packaging, or labels.

Sophia - premium

Sometimes more is more. Sophia is a hand-brushed typeface that is amazingly ornamental. Plus, the purchase of the set comes with two extra font files.

Ravenly - premium

Edgar Allen Poe’s got nothing on this font! Ravenly is the definition of vintage, but it keeps things clean with its straight, heavy lines. Ravenly comes with support for multiple languages.

Sky - premium

Another signature script, Sky has beautiful loops and swirls, but also a slightly rougher edge to add a little style to your designs.

Pleasures - premium

As its name suggest, Pleasures is a playful, elegant brush script that includes end-swashes for a little extra drama. The package also includes several extras, including watercolor options and a font variation.

Maria Signature - premium

We love the calligraphic elements that come with Maria Signature. Hand drawn with an actual pen, the font was crafted to be as authentic as possible.



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