27 Hipster Fonts to Download Before They're Cool

27 Hipster Fonts to Download Before They're Cool

Fonts for the Hipster in You

A collection of vintage fonts that are so retro they're cool again!

We’re taking a more flattering view of hipsters in our latest resource list. It’s been said that hipsters are people who try too hard, but a list of fonts that are trying too hard wouldn’t be at all helpful.

Instead, we’ve created a list of free and premium fonts that are all about being different. These hipster fonts combine elements of the old and blend them with new, think a bit outside the box, and have a genuine, authentic feel.

That might not be how you would describe a hipster, but hopefully you’ll enjoy these awesome hipster fonts!

Knitted Ugly Sweater Font - $6

Want to channel your inner grandmamma in font form? Well then we’ve got the font for you! Knitted is a fun, festive font that looks exactly like the lettering you’d see on those dreaded holiday sweaters. Medialoot’s Tony Thomas created a font that includes all the basics, plus a snowflake and heart.

Modernist Milk Stencil Font – Free

One of the highlights of hipster culture is the blending of old and modern to create something completely new. Modernist Milk is a stencil font that is thin and soft enough to be modern, but straight and bold in a way that is truly classic.

Farewell Pro Space Edition – Free

Perfect for posters and social media graphics, Farewell Pro is a font that’s truly out of this world. The unique font combines an astrological feel with a more rigid font, creating something you won’t find anywhere else.

Stay Weird Brush Font - $12

Stay Weird is a brush font that was created using real ink streaks on paper. The authenticity of this hipster font makes it a fast favorite. The font comes with the uppercase letters, plus 10 swashes for a little added decoration.

Cornerstone – Free

Cornerstone cuts out all the unnecessary to give you a truly industrial, modular font. The no-nonsense font is clean and easy to read, making it ideal for headlines.

Lemon Bird Typeface – Free

If you’re looking for a hipster font with a lot of personality, Lemon Bird is the perfect place to start. The typeface was digitally hand drawn, making it truly one of a kind. And with its little imperfections, it’s a great example of a hipster font.

Komoda – Free

There’s something very 1920s about Komoda, which is perfect in this hipster era since we’re about to enter the 2020s! The display font is clean and condensed, making it a beautiful option for headlines and editorial work.

Parabola – Free

Easy to read with just a little bit of ruggedness on the edges? That’s Parabola! The brush style font was created to give a pop of character to any design project.

Pier Sans Serif Typeface – Free

The modernity, and therefore hipster-ness, is seen in Pier’s geometric styling and structure, that’s just slightly misaligned. At first, Pier looks like any ordinary font, but there’s just something off about it, making it an exciting addition to this list.

Avolo - $11

Avolo’s own description could be switched out to be the definition of hipster: A combination of vintage and modern. The bold font includes basic letterings, numbers, and punctuation, and is perfect for branding and stationary.

Rousseau Art Deco Font – Free

Rousseau oozes luxury, with its blend of art deco glamour and the more modern dedication to craftsmanship. The retro, hipster font comes with multilingual characters and is a great option for websites, banners, or logos.

Coco Gothic – Free

In true hipster fashion, Coco Gothic is a brand new iteration of the first sans serif fonts ever created. By softening the edges and adding that minimalistic feel, Coco Gothic makes a classic popular once again.

Modeka – Free

There’s an elegant modernity to Modeka, with its round details and minimalistic lines. The font embraces everything that makes hipsters happy: Simplicity without Compromise. The free font comes with regular letters, numbers, and signs.

Pacific Northwest Letters – Starting at $15

Whether you want the most basic package or the complete family of these fonts, you’re going to love the rustic, hipster feel of Pacific Northwest. The off kilter, uneven letters are easy to read, but definitely make a statement.

Coves – Free

This free font is the perfect blend of effortless curves and clean, modern lines. Coves comes with two weights, light and bold, to give you plenty of options when it comes to your designs.

Polya – Free

How fun is this free font? Polya uses geometric shapes within its letters to create edgy, sharp letters. The unique style is something any hipster would love. Polya comes with basic letters, as well as glyphs and numbers.

Oldventure Hand Brush Typeface - $12

Created with care by hand, Oldventure encapsulates everything that millennials love. It’s unique, handcrafted, and has just a taste of vintage. The pact comes with upper and lower case letters, multilingual language, punctuation, numbers, and alternate characters and ligatures.

Moalang Display Font – Free

Obviously created for bold headlines and displays, Moalang is beautifully unique and extremely decorative. The hipster font, which comes with all the letters and numbers you could need, is ideal for web design, branding, and print.

Airbag Typeface – Free

With its lined shadows, Airbag almost feels like two fonts in one. But the dramatic and bold hipster font isn’t just all-in-one, it’s free! You’ll get all your letters, punctuation, and numbers when you download this freebie.

Distillery Font Family – Starting at $19

If there’s one thing hipsters love more than being unique, it’s drinking. Which is why Distillery is the perfect font, combining a distinctive design with that feeling of a fine brewery. Pick and choose which font styles you want so you’re not paying for any unneeded extras.

Scratch Typeface - Free

Coming in two different styles, Basic and Detail, Scratch is a font that is boldly itself. The loud, vibrant font comes with English and Spanish letters, glyphs, and variations. Scratch is an amazing choice for titles and headlines.

Reno Mono Typeface – Free

Another freebie! Reno Mono twists together the minimal and contemporary feel loved by hipsters with a classic, retro look. The result is a stunning typeface that grabs attention, both online and in print. Reno Mono is also a perfect option for branding and logos.

Quartz 974 Light – Free

The free version of this font is so visually stunning, it’s really all you need. Quartz 974 Light blends art deco geometrical elements with the clean, simple lines loved today. The font is perfect for headlines, web design, and social media.

Microbrew Font Family – Starting at $5

Another font family where you can pick and pay for what you want, Microbrew offers so much versatility. The font is bold with a slight dirty feel. The down to earth elements of Microbrew make it perfect for signs, print, and headlines.

Real Bleak - $13

A dry brush font, Real Bleak has the boldness and roughness that calls to hipsters everywhere. However, that edginess is balanced with the natural, beautiful hand strokes that make Real Bleak so beautiful. The pack comes with basic Latin letters, numbers, symbols, and ligatures.

Botera Stencil Font – Free

Our last freebie on this list is bold, yet simple. The wine inspired font comes with a regular serif option as well as the stencil option, so you’ll have the freedom to pick and choose what you use. Because the serif form is so easy to read, it’s perfect for copy, while the stencil form will make stunning headlines.

Outdoors Handmade Sans Serif Font - $9

Let’s end the list with a classic! Our very own Tony Thomas has created Outdoors, a gorgeous sans serif typeface that personifies nature. We’ve even updated Outdoors to include a rough version, so you get even more simple and decorative letter options.



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