20 Stunningly Realistic Cloud Brushes for Photoshop, free and premium

20 Stunningly Realistic Cloud Brushes for Photoshop, free and premium

Making Clouds a Breeze

A set of cloud brushes will save you time and give your skies the depth and texture needed to make them pop.

Have you ever worked on a project that was missing a little something-something? Maybe the background was a bit bland? Well, we have a solution for you! Even better, we have several free solutions for you.

If you want to add a little zest to your landscapes or fill in empty sky, you’re going to need a high-quality cloud brush:

30 Cloud Brushes for Photoshop

The first of our options is also our favorite. We’ve created a set of 30 brushes that allow you to paint the most gorgeous realistic clouds imaginable. From wispy or scattered to fluffy or textured, these cloud brushes are a perfect addition to your collection.

High Quality Cloud Photoshop Brushes - free

These are perfect for the backgrounds of your web or print design. Free with no attribution required (but you can follow the artist on twitter @getinspiiired if you like!) Each brush is between 900px and 2200px. 

30 Cloud Photoshop Brushes

These clouds were made from taking photos of actual clouds, so when we say they’re realistic, we mean they’re real. This package actually comes with two brush sets, one for CS6 and CC and one for CS5 versions of Photoshop, so whatever you’re using, you’ll be covered.

Nine HighRes Cloud Brushes by Leboef - free

Coming in a set of 9, these cloud brushes will give you plenty of options for your sky. The brushes offer heavier, puffy clouds as well as wispy, mist-like clouds that will give just the right amount of depth and texture to your project.

110 Brush Bundle for Photoshop

Can’t decide on what set of cloud brushes to purchase? Well, then, this is the pack for you. On sale for only $19, this set comes with 30 real cloud brushes, 40 cloud letter brushes, 15 smoke and fog brushes, and 25 snow brushes.

Six Cloud Brush Set by Painsi -free

These six cloud brushes are high resolution and very realistic looking, perfect for any landscape or photo series. Most of these brushes are for larger, fluffy clouds, but you can layer them up to make whatever you want.

Stargazer Brush Set

Is it cheating if these are technically space clouds? Well, we don’t care. Because these gorgeous nebula clouds are just what you’ll need for any designs that are out of this world. They’re so ethereal, we’re sure you won’t be able to wait to use them!

Set of Four Cloud Brushes by LunaNYXstock - free

It’s quite rare to find free cloud brushes that are made from actual pictures of clouds. Thankfully, LunaNYXstock offers just that! While the set only includes four brushes, they’re so realistic and gorgeous, they might be all you need.

Cloud Brushes and Sky Actions

Clouds don’t just exist on bright, sunny days, so you’re going to need an assortment of shades and a variety of types to make realistic designs. This set of nine brushes and three customizable sky actions mimic day, evening, dawn, and dusk skies, with varying shades for a realistic look.

100 High Resolution Cloud Brushes

Landscape photographers know the struggle of having to shoot in bad weather. To combat those challenges, this set of cloud brushes was made with landscape photographers specifically in mind, offering 100 professional brushes that will awe you.

Cartoon Clouds - free

Now for something a little bit different. These are crazy cute, super symmetrical, and perfect for adding a little kitsch or sweetness to an image. 

Eight Transparent Cloud Brushes

Aren’t these clouds gorgeous? This set of clouds was made for when someone was struggling to find images of clouds on a transparent background. Their struggle is your gain, because now you get these gorgeous brushes with flawless edges.

Cloud Brushes by JavierZhX - free

The one word that comes to mind with these brushes is majestic. For those of you looking for giant, billowing clouds, look no further than this set of 10 natural brushes.

13 HighRes Cloud Brushes - free

The second resource from leboef on our list, the simplicity and ease of use is one of the main reasons we love this artist. Coming with 13 brushes, this pack is extremely highRes, which will meld in perfectly with your projects and designs.

Nine Abstract Cloud Brushes - free

Aren’t the shadows you can get with these brushes gorgeous? The resolution of these clouds aren’t as high as other options on the list, but the nine brushes are all made from real pictures, giving them an authenticity we love.

20 Cloud Photoshop Brushes

Compatible with a wide range of Photoshop versions, this set of 20 cloud brushes are of the highest quality. They come with a wide range of density and shape options, so you can adjust or layer as you please!

Cloud Brushes by VectorMedia

What we love most about this set of 15 professional cloud brushes is that they are amazingly realistic. When used correctly, and you’ll get a set of instructions on how to use them, these clouds will add a little extra ‘oomph’ to your latest project.

Nine Large Cloud Brushes by iAiisha - free

The nine large cloud brushes included in this set are perfect for creating an image of the perfect sunny day. In fact, some of the brush options have a little bit of a sun flare, so you can complete the effect.

13 High Quality Cloud Brushes

Sometimes simplicity is best, which is what this set of 13 offers. The cloud brushes that come in this set offer enough variety to get the job done, with very little hassle.

Cloud Photoshop Brushes - free

The last free resource from leboef, this last item is simplicity at its finest. These clouds are low-key, not drawing attention away from your picture or project while still adding the effect you need.



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