15 Super-Realistic Pencil Brushes for Photoshop CC+

15 Super-Realistic Pencil Brushes for Photoshop CC+

Pencil drawing with no smudges!

Pencil brushes in Photoshop have long been a favorite for designers. The gorgeous strokes of pencil drawing brings to mind the first generations of artists. Now, with a wide range of realistic pencil brushes, designers can get the same results in a fraction of the time.

Using Photoshop is an art form. It takes skill and creativity to get the best results, and just like all other art forms, designing beautifully takes time and work. Fortunately, we're here to give you tips and tools that make your design work easier, and much quicker.

Rather than doing the work to create your own pencil look, here are some of the web's best very artist and designer ways to get picture-perfect results. These super-realistic pencil brushes for Photoshop CC+ are perfect for designers who want to save time without sacrificing quality. 

12 Pencil Brushes

Another set of multiple brushes, this large pack is perfect for those who want to get everything in one purchase. Each of the pencil brushes is unique, offering you options whether you’re sketching, drawing, or shading. What’s awesome about this set is the detail in each brush. Each and every stroke will provide the texture and variation that makes using pencils so popular, but with the added convenience of Photoshop.

Pencil Brushes by PixelStains

With this set of pencil brushes, you get three for one. What makes these brushes so realistic is that they were styled after very specific real pencil types and sizes, allowing you to achieve medium, light, and even a harder touch. The pencils included in this set are 2B, 4B, and mechanical.

Pencil Texture Brushes by Little Bean

Ideal for adding a little texture or a few rubbings to your projects, this set of 30 brushes isn’t for those who want more detailed work. However, these gorgeous and flexible brushes, which range from 1529 to 2484 pixels in width, are perfect for your background and pattern needs.

Real Pencils by Francisco Beltran

Francisco Beltran has made a pack of pencil brushes that would make any designer squeal with delight. Crafted for artists of all specialties, the 82 brushes can be used for lettering, sketches, animation, or storyboarding. If you’re looking for one purchase to cover all your Photoshop needs, this pack is the place to start. 

PencilMate by GraphicsFuel

The PencilMate brushes, which come with a wide range strokes, textures, and vector swirls, were created to mimic the first love of all artists. The designer of the brushes recognized that a pencil and piece of paper were where most artists and designers start, even if they have moved on to Photoshop. With this in mind, these brushes provide the ease and simplicity that comes with an in-real-life pencil and piece of paper. 

Colored Pencil Brush Set

Colored pencils are another great way to add authenticity and flare to a project. This set of colored pencil brushes will give you the rough, scratched look you want from a pencil, all with an organic and textured feel that adds depth to your projects.

Sai2 Custom Pencil Brushes by Marcianek

This set of brushes for pencil drawing is elaborate and contains a wide range of mechanical and chalk options that are the perfect addition to any designer’s Photoshop arsenal. What makes these brushes even more beneficial is the detailed descriptions Marcianek has provided for each one, so you can make sure you’re getting exactly what you want.


Pencil Brushes by Dark-Zeblock

With a focus on heavier and darker brushes, this set is ideal for rougher edges. The popularity of the original set of four encouraged Dark-Zeblock to continue improving and adding to the pack. You’ll also find detailed tutorials on the description page.


Sketching Pencil Brush by KoiFishSushi

KoiFishSushi created this drawing brush to sketch without having to worry about the smudges that happen when using actual pencil and paper, utilizing the ease of use that comes with Photoshop. The brush still allows for darker shading, but keeps the authenticity of light sketching lines.


Pencil Box by MawGallery

Users of these pencil brushes have compared them to using real mechanical pencils and Prismacolors, high praise coming from designers. If you want a set of basic shading and drawing brushes that have that timeless, realistic look, this set is for you.


Real Media Brushes by Stalcry

Inspired by the pencil brushes from MyPaint, this set of pencils, charcoal, ink, and texture brushes is ideal for sketching. Stalcry also wanted designers to have options for creating concepts and speed paints. With the simplistic design, these realistic brushes are almost lifelike.


Pencil Brush Tool Presets

If you’re looking for something truly unique, these drawing pencils will blow you away. Unlike other pencil brush options, this set was made with the idea of texture at the forefront. Because of the careful balance created for these pencils, the creator has locked the Photoshop opacity, texture, and flow settings, so you’ll get some of the most realistic marks imaginable. All you need to do is press lighter or harder to get the lightness or darkness you need in your sketches.


Pencil Brushes by BenHickling

The five brushes that come in this set offer enough variety that even the most avid sketcher will find what they need. If you prefer the clean strokes of a soft pencil or the more blurred edges of a rough pencil, this pack has got your back.


Photoshop Essentials by Frankqbe

Photoshop is notorious for not having the best pencil drawing options available. With these brushes, you get the ease of using Photoshop with professional quality brushes. The creator put together his favorite pencils, inkers, and storyboard brushes so that you can create the most astounding pieces of art.


Custom Photoshop Inking and Penciling Brushes

Creating feathered lines with Photoshop can be extremely difficult even with the highest quality pencil brushes. By making the pressure marks so difficult to control, many pencil brush sets aren’t able to give realistic results. This set of sketching tools has combined flow and texture settings without the marks made at a lower pressure, so that you have more control over your technique. There’s a video example if you want to double-check that this is the sketching tool for you.



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