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12 Whimsical Children’s Book Illustration Sets

12 Whimsical Children’s Book Illustration Sets

Illustration Sets for Your Next Children's Book

Illustration sets for children's books keep creating simple and whimsical.

There’s something so special about children’s books illustrations. Different from all other forms of illustration, those used in children’s books are bright and give feelings of whimsy. And because children’s book illustrations are so distinct, it’s important to have just the right ones for your next project.

We’ve put together a fantastic selection of friendly, charming children’s illustration sets. Whether you’re looking for enchanting forest illustrations or whimsical, Bohemian artwork, there’s something here for you.


Watercolor Bundle by Flora and Bear - $24

In the Watercolor Bundle by Flora and Bear, you’ll receive over 900 hand-painted illustrations. The details from these gorgeous drawings will blow you away! From animals and flowers to textures and patterns, you’ll find the basis for any children’s book illustrations right here.

With all the variety in this pack, you could use them for any type of book. But the animal illustrations are the best, making it perfect for woodland and country themed children’s books.


Hello Baby Animals and Calligraphy - $14

There are 19 Nordic-inspired, or Hygge, illustration elements in this pack of vectors. The illustrations include phrases and patterns, giving you a wide range of design options. There’s no end to the whimsy in this set!

Because of the simplicity of these designs, as well as the limited phrasing, this pack is ideal for board books, posters, or cards.


16300 in 1 Graphic Giant Bundle - $29

As its name suggests, this is a ridiculously huge bundle of children’s illustrations. The set varies from more elegant ombre shapes and flowers to the more whimsical ‘Very Friendly’ plants and animals.

The selection is strong with this set, so you could use the 16,300 graphics and elements for absolutely any project imaginable.


Autumn Woodland Animals and Floral Forest - $8

While this pack does come with a limited number of illustrations, they are perfect for any harvest, fall, or Thanksgiving project. The foliage and animals included in this pack are designed in the distinct and fun Scandinavian style.

You could easily use these woodland animals and florals for stationary, place cards, or short board books.


Safari Animals Kids Bundle - $15

You’ll get an entire set of animals, plants, prints, and seamless patterns with this bundle of safari animals. Absolutely nothing is cuter than a beautifully designed giraffe! The creative Hygge-styled creatures are of the highest quality, making them perfect for print.

Because this set comes with high-quality, customizable elements, the bundle is ideal for posters and textile projects.


Kids Graphic Bundle - $27

Perfect for the little explorer in your life, the Kids Graphic Bundle comes with 25 different graphic compositions, as well as a handy help file. From outer space to the desert, the landscape elements in this pack will inspire exploration in all of your projects.

With so many varying backdrops, these images are great for adventure children’s books or fun, themed bedroom decorations.


Set of Christmas Animals in the Forest - $8

It might not be Christmas yet, but to get ready for the season, try out this set of Christmas animals in the forest. The hand-drawn vectors are ridiculously cute and attired in winter scarves and sweaters.

Because we’re suckers for Christmas-themed children’s books, using these animals for a book project would be truly heartwarming. However, they would also work for cards or posters.


Bohemian Kids Collection - $21

The Bohemian Kids Collection comes with 151 Boho elements, as well as seamless patterns, silhouettes, and poster designs. The modern yet whimsical designs can be customized in size and color, giving you countless variations.

While this bundle is absolute perfection for so many projects, the designs would look wonderful on nursery posters, clothing, or wallpaper.


Muddy Paws Dog Lover Graphics - $34

Flowers, patterns, and pups basically encompass all our favorite things, making this Muddy Paws Dog Lover collection an easy favorite. The bundle includes 48 different dog breeds, floral accents, and stunning backgrounds.

Every project. This set should be used for every single project. But again, we’re partial to a good pet-themed design.


Hello Spring Easter Icons - $8

Springtime is beautifully represented in this stunning array of florals, animals, and shapes. The Hello Spring Easter icon bundle also has quotes and wreathes, all hand-drawn. And what detail you get from using thoughtfully created hand-drawn designs!

We can’t argue with the original creator and have to recommend this set for any scrapbooking projects.


Baby Animal Clipart and Pattern - $34

This exciting baby animal bundle comes with over 2,240 graphic elements, including space, rainbow, flowers, and baby animal graphics. There are also beautiful lettering, seamless patterns, and printable art in this pack.

With such variety, you could use this bundle for textiles, decorations, invitations, and themed children’s books.


Safari Babies Watercolor Set - $35

The black and white illustrations included in this set all have the most adorable rosy cheeks, making them the perfect addition to your children’s illustrations.

The 50 different files included in this pack are perfect for posters, stickers, clothes, and nursery decorations.




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