10 Hand Lettering Tutorials for Absolute Beginners

10 Hand Lettering Tutorials for Absolute Beginners

Learn How to Master (or Fake) Awesome Hand Lettering

Discover the best ways to learn how to master hand lettering basics and why font really matters. Don't have time to learn? Scroll down in the blog for hand lettering hacks you can use today.

In today's world, pictures and appearance are everything. People are becoming more and more accustomed to perfectly edited, perfectly crafted content designed for visual consumption. Scrolling through your Instagram feed, for example, it's easy to spot images that are professional. With the exception of celebrities (who can post a picture of vegan mac and cheese to the applause of millions), the appearance of your work matters. Done properly, you can garner the clients, likes, follows and respect you want. Done improperly, and you look like your neighbor Susan next door snapping pictures of her new wreath on her front porch with her iPhone.

Susan, as you may have guessed, isn't going anywhere (at least in terms of paid design work) fast.

And while Millennials in particular often have the advantage in this arena, when it comes to handwriting and hand lettering, their skills are often lacking. Or, in some cases, completely non-existent. (Thanks keyboards!)

Learning how to do beautiful hand lettering is a great way to set your business or brand apart from the crowd, giving you Insta-worthy photos and elevating the look and feel of your work. From sale signs at coffee shops to photographs of custom quotes, hand lettering matters. And that's exactly why it's time for you to learn.

10 Hand Lettering Tutorials Designed for Absolute Beginners

4 Types of Hand Lettering | Beginner Calligraphy Tutorial

In this fifteen-minute tutorial you will learn how to practice the four basic styles of calligraphy. Given step-by-step tips, you can use this video again and again to develop skills that will elevate your lettering.

How To: Calligraphy & Hand Lettering for Beginners! Tutorial + Tips!

In ten minutes you can start to understand the basic movements behind today's most popular hand lettering and calligraphy. Designed for complete beginners, you can practice alongside this video and get advice for the best tools to use.

Simple Introduction to Hand Lettering

A great place to start for absolute beginners, this video addresses questions like, "What's the difference between handwriting and hand lettering?" and, "How do I start to learn to draw letters?" Informative and practical, this ten-minute video is friendly and informative.

3 Videos Tutorials to Master Different Hand Lettering Fonts

8 Hand Lettering Fonts! How-To Draw Different Styles

Beginning with a run down of all the supplies you will need, this video tutorial shows you eight different styles of hand lettering that, with practice, you can add to your repertoire.

Combining Styles in Hand Lettering

Why use just one? In this tutorial (which you can watch in under ten minutes) you will see how you can make a unique and personal hand lettering style by combining several different approaches.

Simple Hand Lettering - One Trick, Many Fonts!

Don't have a lot of time to invest in learning several different hand lettering fonts? This video tutorial is for you. In it, you will learn one easy trick that will allow you to produce unique effects. All you need is a Sharpie!

4 Ways to Fake Hand Lettering

Love the look of great hand lettering but don't have time (or interest) to learn how to do it yourself? No problem! Use these fonts below to get the same "handwritten" look for your website, photos, quotes and more.

Lipstick Handwriting Font

Created to look like lipstick used to write on a glass surface (because it was — handwritten out on a mirror and craftily photographed at an angle to give it that perfect, mirror-smooth finish), this font adds a fun and feminine personality. Bold, solid strokes look particularly nice as website headers and on share-worthy graphics.

Little Fox Hand Drawn Font

Designed to give off a vintage vibe, this Little Fox font looks better the bigger it gets. Want to make a headline stand out? This handwritten look has wide appeal and works well with a variety of brands and messages.

Lilly: Free Brush Script Font

The fastest way to get that calligraphy look, Lilly allows you to work with upper and lowercase letters, as well as numbers. A romantic feel that adds a level of personality, Lilly will help you win over hearts.

Gilded Hand: Handwritten Script Font

Like the cursive your fourth-grade teacher wanted you to master but you never could, the Gilded Hand font is a classic way to bring hand lettering to life on your website and graphics. Drawn free hand, you can make the letters bleed together in order to give off that seamless appearance of traditional cursive.

Whether you like it or not, the way your website and graphics look matter. Learning how to hand letter (or using unique hand lettered fonts) allows you to stand out, adding a professional vibe that makes all the difference when attracting, and impressing, current customers and potential clients.

Do you hand letter? Did we miss your favorite hand lettered font? Comment below and let us know!



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