The 15 Best Poster Mockup Templates in 2017

The 15 Best Poster Mockup Templates in 2017

Arranged from most photographic to least

Hey, I heard you like posters on your posters, so I made you these posters to put your posters on.

Sometimes you need to add a little kick to your design, something to surround it or place it on, so it's not just a beautiful image sitting there by itself, a lame flat jpg. Sure, you can add a white background, and even a drop shadow. But you've already created the poster — why not let someone else do the posting work for you?

Here are 15 of the best poster mockup designs, ranging from real world photos to the vaguely skeumorphic to the completely abstract. These will elevate your design no matter what it is, and make your work stand out and really shine.

This list is arranged in order from most realistic / photographic to most simple / basic. 

Poster frame mockup set

Beautiful living room with posters displayed. This is photoshop compatible with layers that are converted into smart objects. All you have to do is double-click on the selected layer in the window that opens, change the picture and save your work. Magic. 

Poster Frame Mockup Set 

This is a selection of 10 unique, lovely designs as PSD files. All files have several main layers that are converted into smart objects. Using it is super easy: just double-click on the selected layer in the pop up window, change the picture to your art, and then save. Lovely and big image-centric creations.

Urban Poster Mockup Bundle

This is a giant collection of great poster mockups all around town. It's grungy, grimy, and oh so cool. You can also select the smaller (cheaper) versions from the links below this bundle. But the whole set is a great value and chock full of every placement you might want to put a band poster, gig announcement, movie update, or anything.

3 real photo poster mockups

If you're looking for a really real-world look, this is your mockup. These simple photographs include great subtle details like reflections and tilts to make your posters look like they have a full print framed in your office. Easily place your image and let the mockup do the rest.

Mockup of frames on the floor

A lovely understated mockup of frames on the floor. Three different versions to choose from. Simply place your artwork in each frame and you're set. The psd file comes with perfect floor reflections to really make the feelings of the room true and places you inside it. 

Peonies styled frame mock up

A classy, understated Smart Object mockup for Photoshop. Included in the package are a web resolution PSD file as well as a  simple hi res JPEG. Just add a .png or text through the smart object system. The frame specs are 30x40cm prints. The background is not modifiable unfortunately, as it's on the same layer as the frame. 

Poster frame mockup, portrait and landscape

This nicely photographed and rendered image has the perfect amount of minute reflection and shadows to place your image in the real world, while not overpowering it either. This is a good set that comes in multiple aspect ratios so whether your poster is landscape or portrait, the set up will work for you.

Hanging Poster Frame Mockup

This is a cute blackboard-themed mockup with clothes hangers as prop. There are 5 styles to choose from and the setup comes in 2000 x 2500 px PSD smart objects, for Adobe Photoshop CC. One drawback to this mockup is the background — it's merged so you won't be able to edit it as a separate layer.

Set of 3 matted frames mockup

This mockup of three square frames in a row is a nice, simple way to showcase photographs. Each item comes with a jpg with white canvas backing, png with transparency, and psd smart objects version. All are hi res at 3500 px by 2335 px. 

A3 Poster Mock-Up

This lovely simple setup looks real, with a quarto fold through the middle. It comes with 10 PSD file options to choose from at 5000x3500px and 300 DPI, RGB color. The smart objects themselves include foil stamping, perspective background, changeable color background, and even the ability to control the intensity of the shadows. 

Free Multipurpose A4 PSD Poster Mockup

This is a nice versatile mockup that keeps it simple. These are high-res (2433x2708px) smart objects with tons of variations in the background, frames, and shadows. There are nice subtle reflections too. These are a free set, and fully photoshop editable with layers and smart objects. Happy postering!

Poster Mockup

Simple office supplies affixing these posters to the wall background make this a nice, clean way to showcase your stuff. It's a nicely organized layered PSD file; just replace the smart layer with your work and save. You can also mix and match styles, copy layers, and rearrange them too. It's at 72 rather than 300dpi since it's not intended for print, but the author is promising a high quality print version coming soon.

Gloss studio mockup

A photoshop friendly mockup, here's a clean white studio setting to place your product image or poster on. It's got a lovely shiny gloss finish that will make any design look chic and sheer. Ideal for phone or products, photographs, posters, you name it. Simply align your artwork to the bottom edge of the Smart Object. The mockup will ignore any blank space and create a beautifully rendered version.

Framed Poster Mockup Template

Here's one of the cleanest most straightforward frames for your buck, if you're looknig for something that doesn't get in the way of your poster, just simply surrounds it. It's a realistic, elegant frame in psd Smart Objects format. Comes with included white, black and color frames. The poster uses a standard 3:2 ratio, cut you can update it to fit your own work as well.

Free simple frame mockup

This is the second in the clean and straightforward frame category, with some nice shadowing to keep the design from looking boring. Except for these minor details, this is a super straightforward black and white mockup. It's the most basic of the basic. Single PSD file at 2000x2000px that you can place your artwork into.



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