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16 Exquisite, Luxurious Marble Textures

16 Exquisite, Luxurious Marble Textures

Don’t Lose Your Marble

Marble textures are a perfect way to add depth and versatility to a background or design.

We’ve been a little obsessed with textures lately. Don’t believe us? Check out our Brick Texture article. While brick is an awesome way to add a gritty, modern twist to your backgrounds and designs, marble is perfect for adding depth and elegance to a project.

In this list, you’ll find free and premium marble textures that are both exquisite and versatile. Whether you want something classic and elegant or funky and unique, you’re sure to find it here!

Seamless White Marble Textures - $6

We created this set of gorgeous, deep white marble textures to seamlessly fill any space you have in Photoshop. The texture will instantly repeat itself to fill the entire space, making it perfect as a background for production presentations or social media marketing.

6 Marble Textures Vol. 3 – Free

The set of six marble textures in this pack were made using real marble. You can tell the quality of the textures by the small details in the images, the little flecks of discolored stone and natural breaks in the marble. This free set is perfect for stationary, presentations, and packaging.

120 Exotic Marble Backgrounds - $6

We got from the realistic options above to this set of unique and exotic marble backgrounds. The 10 striking backgrounds come in 12 different colors and are of the highest quality. Honestly, these textures are so different we’re not sure what can be done with them, but we look forward to seeing what you do!

70 Marble Textures - $14

The detail in these textures are out of this world. In fact, some of them are so strange, they do kind of resemble galaxies. The pastel colorings of these marble textures make them perfect for stationary and presentation backgrounds.

Abstract Liquid Marble Texture – Free

The richness of this pink marble vector background is so stunning. The swirls and lines make it look like the liquid it was named after. The free download is perfect for media post backgrounds, packaging, and website backgrounds.

Rose Gold Marble Texture – Free

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: Sometimes simple is best. This free vector download features a very classic marble texture. The white marble is accentuated by rose gold flecks which add a modern richness to it. We’re sure this stunning marble texture would be ideal for presentation backgrounds.

20 Marble Textures - $9

Marble doesn’t always have to be bright and light, which is why we like this pack. The set includes 20 different textures of varying colors, but we’re impressed that there are several darker shades of marble included. If you want the class of marble with the darkness of my heart, check out this option.

Marble Texture Background – Free

I swear, this marble is the exact same marble as in my Grandmother’s kitchen. So, when we say it’s realistic, we mean super realistic. The versatility of this marble texture makes it perfect for post cards, invitations, and presentations.

10 Marble Textures Vol. 4 – Free

The 10 marble textures included in this free download are all greyscale, which makes them extremely versatile for anything you could possibly think of. The detail on these textures deserve mentioning, too, since you can see every little variant in these files.

12 Marble Textures - $15

The high resolution of these marble textures makes them the perfect option for so many print projects, from wedding invitations and business cards to posters and banners. Each of the 12 textures are natural in color, so they look very realistic.

Natural Marble Texture Background – Free

How classic is this marble texture? The free download was made using natural marble, making it a real textured image. We think this option is ideal for presentation backgrounds, websites, and social media postcards.

5 Marble Textures Vol. 1 – Free

The five marble textures in this free set vary between classic greyscale options to vibrant red and a more unique brown. Because the options of this set run such a gambit, we can see them being used for almost anything.

10 Gold Marble Texture Backgrounds - $4

I wanted to end this list with a few fancy options. And nothing screams fancy more than gold! These 10 gold marble textures are absolutely stunning. The exquisite white marble has gold veins and dusting that instantly elevate your designs. We want to see these used for wedding invitations, business cards, and social media banners.

Luxury Marble Texture with Gold – Free

Another gold option, but free! The gold in this marble texture isn’t as subtle as the one above, but we still love it. The texture is so luxurious, we hope you’ll share with us how you use it. The file is of the highest quality, so it could be used for a wide range of projects.

Blue Abstract Marble Background – Free

Can you tell I have a thing for gold? However, this vector is extra special because the marble is such a unique and deep blue color, the gold almost becomes overshadowed. We think these rich, vibrant colors are perfect for wedding invitations, RSVP cards, and table settings.

47 Marble Textures - $12

The awesome blend of marble styling and pastel colors make this set of textures truly unique. The set of 47 comes in such a wide range of colors, you’ll never run out of ways to use them. We think the colors of this set of textures make it perfect for branding, like labels, as well as business cards, and even apparel.



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