22 Snappy Hat Mockups to Cap Off Your Design

22 Snappy Hat Mockups to Cap Off Your Design

I tip my hat (mockup) to you

Hat mockups feature the latest styles and provide space to show off branding while saving time and money.

We love mockups over here at Medialoot because they are so, so convenient. They save time and money and just the general angst that can come with working on a project for too long. So, we try to include as many mockups in our Roundups as possible.

If you want to feature your designs on the latest hat styles, but don’t have time for a photoshoot, keep these mockups on hand. They’ll save you time and help your design look amazing!

Check out our free and premium options below!

Snapback Baseball Cap Mockup - $4

Simple and pixel perfect (that's how we do at Medialoot.) Just put your own graphics into the smart object and save to update the mockup. Your image will automatically wrap around the cap in a realistic way, no work on your part needed.

Snapback Cap - Free

You’ll get two embroidered elements with each of the caps that come with this set. The pack comes with seven predefined colors for its hats and includes both front and angled views.

Beanie Pack Mockup - $6

Whether you call these hats beanies or toques, you’ll want this pack. The set includes 11 beanie types, different knits and styles, which can be completely customized in color.

Premium Hat Mockup - $6

The detail in this premium mockup is absolutely stunning. You can see the knit details in the hat, making it a perfect option for showcasing your brand or design.

Realistic Cap Mockup – Free

If you want a simple, to the point hat mockup, look no further than this option. The template is easy to adjust and has realistic shadows to make it the perfect canvas for your designs.

Inside Cap Mockup - Free

I’m not completely sure when exactly you’d need a mockup of the inside of a cap, but just in case you do: Here. Just keep it on hand for emergencies.

Professional Hat Mockup with Optional Logo Space - $5

This extremely high resolution hat mockup can be customized however you like and comes on an easy to use transparent background. Plus, it has a space specifically for logos.

New Era Cap Mockup – Free

With two different angles, this new era cap mockup is an ideal option for more urban designs. The quality is clean and crisp, so we’re sure you’ll find some use for it!

Baseball Cap – Free

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a thousand times, sometimes simplicity is best. This simple, completely editable baseball cap is tilted ever so slightly so you can slap your logo right on there.

Strap-Back Hat - $18

With four different view options and varying gradient and color options, this set of hat mockups allows you to change and design every single part, from panels and visors to edges and buckles.

Cap Mockup – Free

This free mockup is forward facing, making it the perfect canvas to showcase branding and logos or fun designs and quotes.

Two Hats Mockup – Free

The hats in this mockup are pretty run of the mill. However, the setting of the mockup makes it one you’ll want to keep on hand for any campaigns you run.

Bikers Hat Mockup – Free

This photorealistic biker’s cap mockup is pretty much a blank slate, which is what you need to quickly plug in your designs and move on to your next project.

Professional Baseball Cap - $7

Are you getting bored sifting through this list? If so, just buy this pack, because it truly has everything you could need. With eight different shots in three different backgrounds, you’ll be good to go with these mockups!

Man Wearing Cap Mockup – Free

If you want to add a little realism to your mockup, without the hassle of dealing with people, keep this option tucked away. It’s free and gives you plenty of flexibility to edit.

Hat Mockup – Free

Remember that thing I said about simplicity? Well, here’s another example of that. The realistic, worn look of this cap make it the perfect backdrop for your designs without being a distraction.

Baseball Cap with Logo Mockup – Free

What makes this mockup so great is that it gives you space for logos and designs, but it also has that lovely shadow which make it look so very real.

Baseball and Trucker Hat - $7

Options, options, options. In this pack, there are seven different hat designs, including trucker, baseball, and six paneled caps. Plus, they all come in 14 different shots and are customizable from top to bottom.

High Quality Cloth Hat – Free

If you want a free hat mockup that is of the highest quality, you’ll really like this option. You can almost feel the texture of the cloth, making it realistic and brimming with class.

Top View of Baseball Cap Mockup – Free

You get an aerial view of a classic baseball cap in this hat mockup. The free sample can be customized in color and artwork, making it a versatile option to keep in your arsenal.

Baseball Cap Mockup – Free

With seven scenes and an additional box design, this hat mockup is perfect for all your branding needs. It’s extremely easy to use and personalize, so you can get back to what’s important as soon as possible.

Trucker Cap and Matching T-Shirt - $7

The mockup in this pack are perfect for any promotional you’re running for your brand, company, or event. You get a trucker cap and a t-shirt, which can be adjusted to match or complement each other.

Cap Mockup - Free

We’ll end on a classic with a little extra oomph. The mockup includes a man wearing the hat, which once again adds that realism that most people want in their branding campaigns. All without having to deal with photographers and models.



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