26 Pattern Backgrounds: Gorgeous Vectors and Freebies!

26 Pattern Backgrounds: Gorgeous Vectors and Freebies!

Pattern Backgrounds for Everyone!

You’ll be sure to find a favorite pattern background in this roundup of 26 stunning and unique options.

At Medialoot, we inundate you with backgrounds and patterns. We’re talking Best Background Patterns of 2019 and Subtle and Seamless Backgrounds. And don’t forget about Damask Patterns and Victorian Vector Patterns.

And yes, they were all brought to you by yours truly.

The important thing is that we want to make sure you have plenty of patterns and backgrounds for all your awesome designs.

Today, we’ve put together a hodge podge list of pattern backgrounds, from vectors and hand drawn designs. These free and premium option will just add to the many, many patterns you already have in stock thanks to Medialoot.


Paper Cut Vector Backgrounds - $5

Diego Sanchez created this pack of 12 paper cut vector backgrounds. The patterned backgrounds were all made using Illustrator, so they’ll maintain their quality as you adjust them to fit your project. These stunning vector backgrounds are perfect for hero headers, posters, banners, and flyers.

Geometric Striped Seamless Pattern – Membership Required

There’s something so art deco about these lovely pattern backgrounds. You’ll get five simple, clean, and modern background options with this pack. The retro-inspired set are available with a premium membership at Free Pik.

Ditsy Floral Background – Free

If you’re looking for a vibrant, colorful floral background, look no further than this freebie. The decorative botanical background combines flowers and leaves to give your designs a fun, spring feel.

Organic Shapes Seamless Pattern Set - $15

Inspired by the sun-speckled forests of New Zealand, this premium pack of organic background patterns effortlessly blends the modern with nature. The pack of patterns is of the highest quality and also comes with each element separated, so you can create your own designs.

Floral Patterned Background – Free (5 Free Downloads/Day)

The hand drawn floral pattern in this clean, bright background is perfect for textiles and social media posts. The balance of vivid flowers and white space makes this free background a great resource to keep on hand.

Yellow and White Tile Pattern – Free

A distinct pattern from a Portugal wall, this free pattern is stunning and mesmerizing. The obvious age and depth of the patterned background will add an authentic, worldly feel to creations.

Pastel Memphis Pattern Design Vector – Free (5 Free Downloads/Day)

A Memphis pattern with more subtle, pastel colors, the gorgeous backgrounds included in this pack can be used for a wide variety of projects. The varying designs and playfulness of the colors gives a texture that are perfect for more creative textiles, prints, or posters.

Flower Seamless Pattern Background - $5

We love a simple patterned background here at Medialoot. This premium patterned background, when lightened, serves as the perfect canvas for quote posters, social media backgrounds, or banners.

Orange Hexagonal Pattern Background – Free

With its almost mesh-like look, this contemporary pattern background makes a big impression with a very subtle design. The honeycombed, darker background is perfect for web design, headings, and posters.

Tropical Floral Patterned Background – Free (5 Free Downloads/Day)

As the weather gets cooler, these vivid, floral backgrounds become more wishful thinking than design element. The detail in this stunning tropical floral background, including the slight shadows, make it ideal for social media, print, and textiles.

Japanese Inspired Pattern Vector Set – Free

Keep it geometric and vintage with this set of Japanese inspired patterned backgrounds. The 3D lined designs keep things simple, color-wise, but have so much movement with the use of clean waves and lines.

Terrazzo Seamless Vector Pattern - $10

A favorite on this list, the trendy seamless pattern of this Terrazzo background includes four different color palettes. The seamless nature of these backgrounds allow you to use them for small and big projects alike, without losing quality.

Gradient Patterned Background – Free

The inspiration for this real-life background comes from Mysuru, India. The texture of the wall in this patterned background add depth, while the simplicity of the gradient make it ideal for blending in with other design elements.

Vintage Patterned Tiles – Free (5 Free Downloads/Day)

These vintage tiles serve as the perfect background for more classic designs. The free pattern background is ageless, despite clearly being inspired by my grandmother’s kitchen.

Abstract Hand Drawn Patterns – Free

Because this is a hand drawn seamless background pack, you’ll get a level of authenticity that can be hard to find in modern backgrounds. The variety of textures, design elements, and colors make this pack a great tool to keep in your creative toolbox.

Arabic Seamless Pattern Background - $4

The combination of the honeycombed stars and bold colors in this seamless patterned background will make a huge impression on your next creative endeavor.

Seamless Tile Patterns – Free (5 Free Downloads/Day)

You’ll get seven free seamless tile backgrounds with your download of this freebie. Each tile is crafted using geometrical patterns and subtle, light colors, perfect for making big impressions or blending into the background.

Golden Marble Background Collection – Free

I love a good marble background! The gold accents in these background patterns make what already be a gorgeous background even more stunning. The freebies can be used for a wide range of design projects.

Seamless Feather Pattern – Free

Keep it light and airy with these fun, light feathers. The seamless pattern is smaller than some of the other options on this list, but tile away and you’ll have the exact size you need without losing any resolution.

Modern Southwest Patterns - $11

Want to add a little Southwest aesthetic to your next design? Well, here you go. You’re welcome.

The 10 premium patterns that come with this pack are offered in color and black and white, so you’ll have supreme control over the designs. You’ll also get an additional 33 elements and vectors!

Simple Patterns – Free (5 Free Downloads/Day)

These patterns may be simple, but they’re bright enough to make up for any simplicity. The vibrant geometric backgrounds will demand attention in your next design.

Tropical Nature Design Set – Free (5 Free Downloads/Day)

With a combination of birds, flowers, and leaves, these stunning backgrounds can be used for such a wide variety of designs. The vintage tropical patterns can be as subtle or bold as you want, making them a must to keep on hand.

Memphis Mega Set – Free Sample

There are two options for you with this mega-pack of Memphis backgrounds and elements. First, you can get the free sample of the set and use it to your hearts content. If you want the entire premium pack, you’ll get 70 backgrounds, 202 elements, and both color and black and white options.

Floral Patterns - $12

There is such a feeling of opulence and grace with these delicate floral patterned backgrounds. The extravagant luxury of the 100 patterns included in this set will quickly make them your favorite. The premium pack also comes with 30 vectors, 19 illustrations, and a guide on the best way to mix the patterns.

Japanese Floral Patterns – Free (5 Free Downloads/Day)

Coming in four different colors, this simple pack of floral patterns was inspired by Japanese designs. You can add the simple, modern interpretations to almost any creative design.

Abstract Geometric Background Vectors - Free

In our final pattern background of the day, we’re giving you a collection of 10 detailed geometric backgrounds. The designs were inspired by spirographs, so you’ll get beautiful movement and vibrant colors with these free vectors.



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