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25 Gorgeous Mandala SVG Downloads – Free & Premium

25 Gorgeous Mandala SVG Downloads – Free & Premium

Mandalas for everyone!

Stunning free and premium mandalas for all your summer projects.

Mandalas are awesome design patterns that can be used in such a wide variety of creative projects. And today, we’ve put together a list of some of the highest quality SVG mandalas perfect for your next big project.

Before we get too deep into all these fun designs, it’s important to remember the cultural history of the mandala. Meaning circle or center in Sanskrit, mandalas are ancient designs found in both Hindu and Buddhist traditions. In both cultures, the mandala is a focal point for meditation and spiritual development. As a result, they often have flowing, organic, and balanced lines drawn in circles. However, over the centuries, mandalas have been used in several cultures and can be found in a variety of shapes.

In today’s Medialoot roundup, we’ve put together a list of premium and free mandalas in all sorts of shapes. And there are so many ways you can use them!

How to use a Mandala SVG

Just like there are infinite ways to create a mandala, there are also several ways you can use these SVGs. Check out some of our favorite ways to use mandala designs!

Printing/Screen Printing

You can just print an SVG on regular paper (more on that below), but with many of the options below, you can screen print. This means, you can put these amazing designs on all sorts of textiles, from t-shirt to canvas.

Graphic Design

You can also use these high-quality SVGs in graphic design. Add a mandala as a website background to subliminally communicate peace and meditation. Use a circular mandala for a business logo. The options are endless!


Adult coloring books are popular for a reason. The act of coloring relieves anxiety and is reminiscent of easier times. A mandala SVG is the perfect option for coloring.


Because SVGs are such high-quality, you can increase or decrease their size without losing quality, making them ideal for cutting. Many of our options below work on popular cutting machines, like Cricut or Silhouette Cameo.

Best Premium Mandala SVGs

The best of the best, these premium mandala SVGs are just what you need to take your designs to the next level.

8 Mandala Designs by Medialoot - $7 for Premium License

Medialoot’s very own Diego Sanchez has crafted this set of 8 mandala coloring pages. The intricate, varying coloring pages are print-ready and perfect for decreasing anxiety.

You can download a free version of these mandala designs or purchase the premium license for a small fee.


Sacred Geometric Mandalas Collection - $6

This collection of sacred mandalas were designed for printing, tattooing or henna, as well as cutting. The set of 10 abstract designs come in four views and with multiple file types, so you can use what works best for your project.


120 Detail Mandala Collection - $19

You’ll get 120 detailed mandala designs in different shapes with this premium pack of SVGs. The designs, which range from classic to contemporary, can be used for screen printing, phone cases, stationary, or as a tattoo template.


40 Hand-Drawn Mandalas - $14

There’s something so gorgeous about these colorful and line hand-drawn mandala designs. The 40 variants come in 4 styles: Leaves, Circles, Geometric, and Freestyle. The high-resolution SVGs are ideal for a wide range of projects.


Mandala Logo for Laser Cutting - $7

Specifically designed for laser cutting, this mandala design is ridiculously intricate. With varying, budding patterns, the mandala can be used on paper, vinyl, or wood.


The Universe of Mandala - $17

You’ll never need another mandala design with this premium pack! With 300 mandala designs and 83 textures, you’ll find no shortage of mandala variations here.


Mandala SVG Bundle - $3

You’ll receive 8 SVG mandalas in this package, specifically designed for Cricut Explore and other print programs. With heavier lines, this set of mandalas makes a big impression.


100 Seamless Pattern Mandalas - $15

For your background and stationary needs, this set of 100 mandalas includes seamless patterns. The ongoing patterns can be added to any shape you want, making it ideal for print.


300 Vector Mandala Ornaments

We absolutely love the different styles available in this giant pack of mandalas. The 300 designs vary from art deco or steampunk styles to sacred and tribal options. And you can use these mandalas from anything from wood carvings to coloring book pages.


50 Mandala Designs - $19

There’s a sweet simplicity to the 50 mandala vectors in this package. While designed specifically for paper or textiles, there are still so many ways these beautiful mandalas can be used.


Mandala Vector Art - $9

You can use this mandala clipart for printing cards or wall decorations. The lighter lines of this stencil make it a much more low-key option for home décor.


Mandala Bundle - $10

Our final premium classic mandala option includes 50 designs in varying file types. The variation allows you to use this bundle for any of your creative needs, from textiles and products to web backgrounds.


Mandala-style illustrations – Animals, Flowers & more

If you’re looking for a little more variety in your mandala designs, you’ll love these mandala-style illustrations.

Mandala Alphabet Letters - $9

Print-ready and ever so adorable, this pack comes with mandala letters. While there is more dark space in these designs than usual in a mandala, we still love the idea of a mandala letter on a mug!


Mandala Bee Cut Files - $7

How cute are these little bees? Coming with 4 different bee designs, this pack was created with Silhouette Studio Cameo and Cricut in mind. But really, these bees deserve to be on everything.


Elephant Head Mandala - $7

With classic mandala and inverted, darker options, this pack of elephant heads is ready to print and can be used to create a wide range of products. Use these 8 SVGs on cards, t-shirts, mugs, and so much more!


Mandala Butterfly - $7

You’ll get 10 varying butterfly designs with this gorgeous set of mandalas. The files were created ready to print, so you can easily create your projects and print within minutes.


50 States Mandala Bundle - $9

Show your state pride with this set of 51 mandalas in the shape of individual states. As an added bonus, the pack comes with a map of the entire United States, ready to print and perfect for your next project.


Best Free Mandala SVGs

Finally, we’ve put together a list of free mandala SVG downloads. Make sure to check out the work of the amazing artists who have been so generous to offer these freebies.

Layered Alpha Mandala Set – Free

Special Heart Studio has put together this fantastic pack of lettered mandalas. Each file comes with 6 layers, so you can create gorgeous layered artwork. We love the tutorial the artist provided, as well as the many examples of how to best use the free mandalas.


Elephant Mandala – Free

You’ll need to create a free account to get access to this adorable elephant mandala, but it is well worth the effort. The print ready mandala is compatible with a wide range of cutting and design programs, from Silhouette Studio to Cricut.


3 Mandala Varieties – Free

There are 3 distinctly different mandala circles included in this pack of freebies. The designs are ready to print and can be used on textiles or wood, though you’ll want to verify distribution rules set by the designer.


Simple Mandala Design – Free

While you don’t have to print this design on wood, we definitely love the idea of a meditation mandala. This simple mandala design is such a good option for printing on wood, but also works on textiles and paper.


3D Mandalas Templates and Tutorials – Free

You have so many design options when it comes to these 3D layered mandala SVGs. Inspired by artwork that was way too expensive for the artist, you can print these freebies and create your own stunning wall art.


9 Mandala for Cameo and Cricut – Free

There’s a lacy softness to this set of mandalas. Named Love Mandalas by the artist, you can cut these 9 designs rather easily, thanks to fewer points. The hand-drawn mandalas can also be customized in color.


Bundle of 6 Mini Mandalas – Free

There’s so much variety in this small pack of 6 mini mandalas. The SVGs range from simple, open designs to more intricate, classic options. Whichever option you chose, you’ll be sure to love the flare these mandalas add to your projects.


Set of 3 Mandalas – Free

Not only does this pack come with 3 intricate mandalas, they’re also available to make 3D. We love how the artist, Natalie, walks readers through varying ways to use these fantastic freebies.



And don’t forget to check out Diego Sanchez’s tutorial on how to easily draw mandalas in Photoshop.



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