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21 Gorgeous Instagram Photo Masks for Stunning Insta Posts

21 Gorgeous Instagram Photo Masks for Stunning Insta Posts

Don't forget to Mask

With our free and premium Instagram masks, you'll showcase your posts in a whole new way.

Whether you use Instagram for your personal life or to promote your business, you want to keep things looking their best. And we all know that Instagram features don’t always support creativity. If you’re looking for a way to bring dynamic and individuality to your Insta account, photo masks are definitely the best place to start.

Check out these free and premium Instagram photo masks for a way to take your social media up a level!

Free Instagram Photo Masks

These free photo masks will give you the basics for upgrading your Insta game. Best part? They won’t cost you anything!

Instagram Photo Masks

You’re going to think we’re biased for saying this, but these are the absolute best free photo masks you’ll find. Medialoot has created a set of 30 elements that you can use to make your own, customized masks. So, not only are these masks versatile, they’re also uniquely you.

Free Overlay Instagram Masks

With four different mask options, this freebie is just what you’ll need to get your mask library started. The masks also include adjustable layers to give you different effects, like vintage, retro, or black and white.

5 Free Instagram Masks

These five masks were created specifically for businesses to advertise on Instagram. You’ll find personalizing these masks super easy and the editable elements allow you to change color options.

Instagram Masks Collection

Pixelbuddha is a great resource for any designer or small business owner. If you’re a Plus Subscriber to the website, you can also get this huge collection of Instagram masks for free! They’ll take your Instagram account from basic and boring to unique and attractive.

Instagram Photo Masks

We love the artistic details that come with this set of 10 Instagram masks. With different shapes, designs, and textures, this set is truly one of the most creative on our list.

Free Instagram Masks Volume 2

You can use these masks for regular Instagram posts or even for promotional banners, making them quite versatile! We also love the rough edged options that come in this pack.

InstaMask Free Sample

With this package, you get a free sample of the InstaMask set. In this freebie, you’ll get a few of the masks and frames that make the set so well loved.

If you want the full version of this sample, you can check out the InstaMask Ultimate Collection in our Premium list. It will cost you a little, but you can test it out here first so you know what you’re getting.

5 Free Instagram Masks Volume 3

Another free set of 5 masks available at CreativeTacos. There’s so much movement in these modern options, which is why we think they’re perfect for design or apparel Instagram accounts.

Free InstaFrame Template

You’ll definitely grab your follower’s attention with these stunning Instagram masks. With different shapes and even a few frames, the easy-to-use masks are ideal if you need to post something beautiful quickly.

Diamond Photo Mask

Diamonds are forever! With this freebie, you’ll get four diamond actions for PSD to turn your Instagram pictures into beautiful masks. The templates are of the highest quality and will be sure to awe your followers.

Premium Photo Masks

If the free options we collected for you above aren’t quite what you wanted, you’ll find what you need with these premium options. Sure, they’ll cost a little bit, but they’re well worth the price.

And we know you’ll love the dimension these masks will add to your Instagram account.

Organic Vector Masks - $5

There are 20 organic vector masks in this premium pack. Each one is ideal to add a level of glamor and class to your posters, banners, and Instagram posts.


Masks for Instagram Photos

With 40 distinctive options, this set of Instagram masks will give you everything you need to spice up your account. The pack comes with shapes, halftones, double exposures, and geometrical options, as well as different effects.

InstaMask Ultimate Collection

Déjà vu? A little bit. The sample of this collection can be found in our free section above. However, if you want full access to all 101 Insta masks, you’re going to want this premium option. Here, you’ll be able to get all the masks and shapes you could ever want to stand out of the crowd.

100 Instagram Masks

Another large bundle, we adore the various styles that this set offers. Whether you want something classic, modern, or more ornate, you’ll find exactly what you need with these options.

EZ Insta Masks

With 31 unique mask options, this package is a perfect all-in-one set if you want to take your Instagram account to the next level. The masks are all scalable and extremely easy to use.

Luxury Instagram Bundle

Speaking of next level, if you’re using your Instagram account for commerce, than you’re going to want this bundle. The Luxury Instagram Bundle comes with over 300 templates, 40 layouts, and a variety of themes. You’ll get fashion, gold, and wedding packs, as well as an entire set of photo masks.

Instagram Masks – Alphabet

The thing we love about this set of Instagram masks is that they’re extremely easy to use. Even if you don’t have Photoshop, you can utilize this set of alphabet masks in any editing software, including Canva. Even better, they still look extremely high-end.   

50 Instagram Masks

Offering 50 different Insta masks, this set is ideal if you want an all-encompassing option for your account. The masks included in the package vary from posh and elegant to daring and funky, which gives you flexibility in your posts.

Instagram Masks by Graphica Studio

This bundle comes with 64 masks broken into six different categories. You’ll find Geometric, Text, Duotone, Double Exposure, and more when you purchase this set of masks. However, what wins this set on our list is the high-quality of each category, making them perfect for someone wanting to up their Instagram game.

15 InstaFrame Templates

The InstaFrame Templates come with 15 different masks and shapes, each designed to make your pictures stand out. When you purchase this set, you’ll also get step-by-step instructions on how to use the masks, making it easy even for beginners!

56+ Instagram Masks, Banners, and Mockups

Clean, elegant, and modern. Those are the only words that can accurately describe the gorgeous masks that come with this set. We like the geometrical and animal masks in this pack, but we absolutely adore the 10 watercolor masks!

Instagram Photo Masks

We think this set of premium masks is simplicity itself. The 12 frames were designed to be modern and clean, but still offer just the right amount of dimension to make your Instagram posts stand out.



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