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21 Graffiti Fonts for True Street Cred

21 Graffiti Fonts for True Street Cred

Run and Tag That!

Show off your creative side with a wide range of free and premium graffiti fonts and without any of the mess.

A good font can really make or break a project. That’s why at Medialoot, we try to offer you a vast selection of fonts that are perfect for various projects. From our 17 Formal Gothic and Grotesque Fonts to 25+ Awesome Chalkboard Fonts, Effects, and Mockups, you really have options when it comes to fonts!

Today we’re taking a look at some of the best free and premium graffiti fonts that will give you true street cred. Is it street cred if you call it street cred? That I can’t help you with, but enjoy these amazing fonts!

Spray Paint Mockups Vol 1 - $5

Medialoot designer extraordinaire Tony Thomas has created two packs of realistic spray paint mockups. This first volume comes with four background options to give a grungy, textured look to your designs. These mockups are perfect for branding, logos, and any stencil or graffiti creations.

Black Top – Free

Black Top comes with all the drama of graffiti font, but with a cleanness that makes it much more legible. The handwritten font comes with ligatures, stylistic alternatives, and several bonus elements that will give you extra oomph in your designs.

The Graffiti Font 2 – Free

A high resolution freebie font, you get The Graffiti Font 2 in both a black and white and colored version. The thick, 3D lettering are a great way to make a statement in your headlines or in any of your branding.

Mark Handwritten Graffiti Font - $12

There are so many cool extras with Mark, a handwritten graffiti font. The authentic text comes with 347 different glyphs, ranging from standers ligatures, mark underlines, and a whole collection of international characters.

Flow Brush Font – Free

Another gorgeous example of a more pulled in graffiti font, Flow combines the ragged edges of more traditional spray painted text with the smoothness of brush painted text. The graceful font is an ideal option for social media posts and print.

Broken Wings – Free

If ever there was a font that was created to be used for large, dramatic designs, it’s Broken Wings. The all-caps typeface varies in thickness and has uneven edges that give it a character that can be difficult to find in fonts. With its roots in graffiti, Broken Wings offers an elegance that makes it extremely versatile.

Humger – Free

You won’t need to add any texture to Humger because the font comes with plenty of its own. With a distinct nod at grunge typefaces, Humger is an all-caps typeface that looks inspired by stencil graffiti. The urban font is perfect for print, textiles, and social media.

Fresh Air Graffiti Font - $12

So many options! Each letter in this set comes with about 6 variations, so you’ll never run out of possibilities. Fresh Air also comes in regular or bold, with a variety of international characters. The handwritten graffiti font also comes with amazing brush details that will add authenticity to your creations.

Youth Fury Font – Free

I can’t tell you why the youth are furious, but I can say it’s worth it to create this agitated font. Youth Fury has the uneven, ragged edges that point to its graffiti inspirations. However, there’s a uniformity with this font that make it easier to read than most graffiti typefaces.

BlowBrush – Free

BlowBrush is another perfect example of a hybrid graffiti and stencil font. Inspired by hip hop culture, the font has very natural lines and edges that give BlowBrush a feeling of authenticity and originality. BlowBrush comes with upper-case characters, numbers, ligatures, and variations.

Shortcut – Free

One of the roughest options on this list, Shortcut looks and feels like a painted font. The lettering is ragged and uneven, making it an ideal graffiti typeface. The freebie comes with 256 glyphs, so you can use it to say whatever you need to.

Reis Graffiti Font - $10

If you need a graffiti font for your logos, titles, or branding, keep Reis on hand. The graffiti typeface comes in one weight, upper- and lower-case letters, and a collection of international characters. The funky, stylish font is dramatic, but still very easy to read.

Decorative Graffiti Font – Free

Every single letter in this font set tells a story. The decorative graffiti font comes across as heady and overwhelming, but the excess makes it perfect for packing a punch when it comes to your designs. When used in moderation, this gorgeous, artistic font can make a real impression.

Grizzly Attack – Free

The torn, rough edges of Grizzly Attack do make it look wild and out of control. The dramatic strokes of the font make it an ideal option for posters or social media content. Because of the intensity of the font, Grizzly Attack is best used in moderation.

Fozzie Got a Posse – Free

Fozzie Got a Posse is a font as weird as its name. The loopy, stretch typeface flows together, just like real graffiti prose. Fozzie is an organic font that is reminiscent of old-school tagging.

Desperado St Graffiti Font - $10

On the fancier side of graffiti font, Desperado St is a handwritten form that has all the emotion and authenticity of street art. The swirls and exaggerations are used in very specific, deliberate ways, giving the font a subtlety not often seen in graffiti fonts.

Crevice Stencil Font – Free

For those of us who are less artistically talented, the only way our graffiti will look right is if we use stencils. Crevice Stencil font is an amazing example of an urban stencil that can be used to make a quick impression without any fuss.

Fibre Vintage Font – Free

Fibre is another example of a stencil-like font that has the texture of a graffiti font. The typeface is extremely easy to read, making it a perfect option for almost any project, including printing on textiles.

Extreme Travel – Free

Working as almost a reverse stencil, Extreme Travel will allow you to surround your lettering with realistic paint splatters. The result is a gritty, authentic font that speaks to a more urban setting. Use this freebie on event posters, in social media, and even for t-shirts.

Crazy Marker Graffiti Font - $12

You get four different versions of this font when you purchase it. Crazy Marker is a bit cleaner than most graffiti, but its uppercase option looks just like street art. You can decide how obvious the brush strokes are in this font, giving you a lot of room to play around.

Spray Paint Mockups Vol. 2 - $5

Let’s end on a classic! Medialoot created a spray paint mockup that you can use for a variety of graffiti-inspired designs. The pack comes with four high quality options with textured backgrounds, making them ideal for logo, brand, or stencil designs.



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