18 Seamless Grass Textures for Green Lawns and Pastures

18 Seamless Grass Textures for Green Lawns and Pastures

The Greenest of Grass Textures

Save time and effort by using seamless grass textures to fill in backgrounds or accentuate different scenes.

Seamless textures are awesome resources that can cut your work time down considerably. Whether they come in tiles or brushes, textures can fill up large spaces or serve as accents in a variety of designs. And today, we’ve put together a list of our favorite grass textures!

Creating grass in backgrounds, designs, or media can be a serious hassle. To help you out a little, we’ve curated a list of our favorite premium and free options.

Check out our favorite grass textures and comment how you used your favorite!

Seamless Grass Textures - $5

To start our list of amazing textures, we have one made right here at Medialoot. The pack includes a variety of 10 seamless grass textures that can quickly fill an area by repeating. So, you get an amazing grassy effect and you get to save time!

Realistic Green Grass Texture – Free

The reason this grass texture is so realistic is because it was made using an actual photo of grass. If you want a photorealistic option for your project, this bright green grass on a sunny day is the perfect option.

2 Pack of Grass Textures – Free

Offering two textures for the price of one (with the price of one being free), this set also gives designers photorealistic textures. The large, high quality files are ideal for retouchers who may need to spruce up an image or two.

Seamless Grass Texture - Free

Another thick, rich grass texture that can be used as a background or for unique design projects. Side note, check out the comments of this post to see how other designers have made use of the texture. Creatives have to stick together!

Grass Photoshop Brushes – Free

As mentioned above, seamless textures usually come in two forms, tiles or brushes. In this pack, you’ll find the latter. The 15 free Photoshop brushes are perfect for filling in spaces or adding fullness to existing grass.

Grass Field Vector – Free

How gorgeous is this long, windblown grass? The seamless image is the perfect option for those who want a truly ethereal scene for their design.

Grass Texture - $3

This seamless grass texture looks like grass that could be found in any yard, which makes it perfect for projects that require that typical, regular feel. But because it’s of the highest quality, this seamless texture is anything but regular.

Seamless Grass Textures – Free

In this pack, you’ll get a variety of six very different grass textures. The freebies are perfect for filling in large areas and because of the different types, you’ll have enough options for several projects.

Meadow Grass Texture - $5

There’s something special about the grass found in meadows. The look is just softer, almost wild. The meadow grass texture here captures all those feelings in a simple image. And now you can use it to bring the same feeling to any of your backgrounds.

Dry, Long Grass Texture – Free

This dried out, long grass may not be ideal for yards or fields, but it might be just the thing for more unique projects. Definitely check out the examples to see how it was used. Maybe you’ll get inspired!

7 Seamless Grass Textures - $4

Honestly, before this roundup, I had no clue how many different types of grasses existed. It’s insane. But, if you’re aware of the number of grasses and want a wide sampling, this is the pack for you. The seamless textures vary in length, color, and type, so the pack will really have you covered.

Windblown Grass Texture – Free

This thick, long grass texture is extremely unique, making it the perfect option if you want to add some flare to your project. It’s actually the perfect grass texture to use in print or gaming. You can see a few examples of each on the texture’s page.

Clean, Seamless Grass Textures

The six files included in this grass texture download were made using 3D renders. And because of how they were made, these textures are very versatile. They are of high enough quality of be blown up and used in billboards or something as small as a postcard.

Jax Grass Bundle – Free

Another set of brushes, this seamless grass texture is perfect if you want more control over where you fill in your grass. By adjusting the size of the brush you use with this texture, you can control the exact placement and thickness of the grass, making it ideal for detailed projects.

Long, Soft Grass Texture - $2

I’m not an outdoors person, but even I want to fall into this grass texture. The bright, fresh grass is so welcoming, making it perfect for print or advertising. Whether it’s for logos or posters, this grass texture will make anyone like being outside.

Grass Texture - Free

Grass isn’t always bright and green, which is why it’s a good idea to keep a few green-brown grass textures on hand. If you’re creating a design that requires an Autumn look, you’ll want your grass to match, which makes this texture the perfect choice.

5 High Resolution Grass Textures - $4

You get five high-quality textures with this download, so you’ll really have your bases covered. The seamless textures vary in color, length, and thickness, offering plenty of variety for those who use grass textures regularly in their projects.

Grass Text Effect for Photoshop - $6

To end, we have to come back to this stunning text effect created by Medialoot’s very own Diego Sanchez. The easy to use action can turn any text into lettering that looks like grass. With the action, you’ll get three different grass types, Green Grass, Grass Field, and Soft Grass. Plus, we’ve thrown in an extra action that can be used to add a little dirt around your wording.



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