14 Outdoor Logos for that Woodsy, Campfire Feel

14 Outdoor Logos for that Woodsy, Campfire Feel

Add a Little Nature to Your Logo

Bring the feeling of the great outdoors to your branding campaigns with these woodsy outdoor logos.

Over the past several years, the trends and styles of branding have become more earthy and simplistic in their designs. While this style might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it has definitely made branding easier for companies that are already tied closely to the outdoors.

Whether you run a t-shirt company, a camping store, or just want your brand to have a down to earth feel, these outdoor logos are for you.

We’ve curated a list of premium and free logos that offer designers and business owners a woodsy, campfire feel. We hope you find what you’re looking for here, even all you need is to create your own outdoor logo.


Camping Mountain Outdoor Vectors - $5

You will get so much more than just logo mockups with this amazing pack. Diego Sanchez at Medialoot has created a set of 40 hand drawn graphics all inspired by camping and the outdoors.

You can use the vectors for anything imaginable, from clothing to packaging and web design. With easy to use layers and pre-made color fills, you can even customize the vectors to better match your brand.

Outdoor Retro Emblems – Free

Offering four unique stamps, this set of freebies captures some of the best things about the outdoors. From camping to hiking, the four high quality emblems provide a beautiful salute to all things nature. The badges also come with some awesome typography, though you can always change that out.

Hand Drawn Adventure Logo Collection - Free

While I’ve never personally been a fan of camping, you’ll get that perfect campground feel from this collection of adventure logos. The graphics options include a mountain head, campfire, tent, and forest. How much more outdoorsy can you get?

150 Outdoor Adventure Logos - $19

You will be astounded by the sheer number of elements included in this pack! With 150 logos and 50 icons, this compilation was built around celebrating being outdoors and traveling, so you’ll find plenty of both in the set. The logos are perfect for printing on textiles or even embossed onto wood or leather.

Hand Drawn Camping Logos – Free

Create a brand new corporate identity with these fun and versatile hand drawn camping logos. The monochrome, customizable vectors include something for everyone, from hiking to summer camp. Plus, each logo comes with plenty of text space.

Colored Adventure Badges – Free

The badges in this freebie were all designed to look just like something you’d earn in the scouts. But with these, you don’t have to learn to tie knots to get your reward. Each badge features a different landscape and comes in a variety of shapes. Because you’ll have so many choices when it comes to these retro logos, you can stun your clients with multiple designs.

Camping Logo Collection – Free

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a thousand times more: Simple is Best. And these logo collections embrace the simplicity of line logos full-heartedly. The different shaped labels explore different aspects of camping, so you can decide which will look best for your design.

Great Outdoors Logo - $29

No matter what type of camping your brand is associated with, whether summer camps, campouts, or wilderness camping, this Great Outdoors Logo is the perfect vector. The design is fully layered so you can change up everything, from the colors to the fonts. And of course, if you need it, there’s space for your text.

Camping Logos with Typography – Free

With these logos, the typography takes center stage. There are still small graphics that are very much related to the woodsy, outdoor feel, but they serve as accents here. With this small switch in design, you can put your company name or brand front and center while still having that “camp” feel.

Watercolor Forest Badges Set – Free

These are my absolute favorite logos on this list.

Moving a little away from camping and more into the outdoors, these gorgeous watercolor badges delicately praise forests. The colors blend perfectly capture the shades and variety seen in the wild, making them ideal for your more subtle and poignant designs.

Wildlife Logos – Free

The freebies in this pack are all about the wildness and roughness of mountain life. The lines aren’t too straight, the illustrations are coarse, and the font is bold. The strength of these modifiable logos makes them awesome options for stamps.

Sequoia Tree Outdoor Logos - $29

The sequoia tree has long been praised for being a symbol of strength and balance, which this logo tries to pay ode to in its design. The logos have kept the sequoia at the front and center, leaving the changes to the surrounding space. With your purchase, you’ll get three different compositions and a recycled paper background.

Black and White Summer Camp Badges – Free

If you’ve ever spent a summer camping, these fun badges will bring up a little bit of nostalgia. From the rigid mountain peaks to an adorable campfire, the logos are both retro and professional. The badges were hand drawn, giving them a level of detail you don’t often find in logos.

Adventure Logo Vector – Free

These logos combine the adventures of being outdoors with that of traveling. The surreal designs are clean and modern without being too simplistic. The badges also come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can pick the option that will work best for you. Or use all of them. It’s a freebie, so have some fun!



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