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13 Stunningly Beautiful Packaging Mockups

13 Stunningly Beautiful Packaging Mockups

Show Off Your Packages

Use these gorgeous box mockups to present your brand in a way that is professional and cost efficient.

As a designer, you know that appearances are everything. From finding the right font and the right paper texture to subtle retouching and innovative branding, appearance can make or break a business.

At Medialoot, we want to support designers in every way we can, which is why we’ve put together this list of packaging mockups for you. In this list, you’ll find free and premium box, bag, and pouch mockup options, giving you plenty of choices for your projects.

Work well and keep making this crazy world we live in a little more beautiful!

Drip Bag Mockup - $5

There are 4 mockups available in this pack of gorgeous drip bags. The bags serve as the perfect canvas to showcase your branding and design on, as well as offering a sneak peak in the back to list ingredients or additional content.


Cardboard Box Packaging Mockup - $6

We love the realism of this box mockup. With the high resolution PSD, you’ll be able to replace all the artwork on this mockup with graphics of your own, making it a versatile and customizable option.

Best of all, the actual cardboard of this packaging mockup is adjustable, so you can use it for multiple products and have it look different each time.

Cupcake Boxes Mockup – Free

What’s more amazing than a gorgeous cupcake? A beautiful box to put it in! We adore these box mockups, not just because they’re so modern and vibrant, but because they’ll allow you to showcase your baked goods with ease.

With this freebie, you’ll get two mockups. If you’re interested in the entire set, check out the Pack-Man set. The premium set comes with boxes and designs for cookies, chocolates, and gifts.

Paper Tube Packaging with Label Mockup – Free

I’ve said it a hundred times and I’ll say it a hundred more: Sometimes simplicity is best. With this free mockup, you’ll get a gorgeous paper tube with an embossed label for your logo and branding information. It’s simple and classy, all you’ll need for your project.

Cardboard Box PSD MockUp – Free

One of the most annoying thing with box mockups is when the cardboard doesn’t look realistic. Thankfully, this mockup doesn’t have that problem. The square cardboard box that comes with this freebie is beautifully textured, making it very realistic.

The smart layer in this mockup makes adjusting background colors a cinch. And you’ll love the centered, prominent space to add your designs.

Box and Bag Mockup Bundle - $19

Can’t decide between a bag or a box mockup? This premium bundle gives you the flexibility to do both! The set comes with 15 PSD files, all with organized layers to make editing easy. You’ll also be able to change the colors of the objects and backgrounds, though you can’t move the objects, with this set.

We love this box mockup bundle because it really gives you a sampling of both boxes and bags, making it the perfect one-purchase option for your branding needs.

Essential Packaging Branding Mockup - $25

If you just want boxes or bags for your mockups, check out the listing above. However, if you want everything, and we do mean everything, you’ll definitely want to purchase this premium bundle. With this set, you’ll get boxes, parcels, pouches, bottles, and bags. And to complete your branding needs, the bundle also includes notebooks, t-shirts, and totes!

Because the file for this set is so large, the seller also offers a way to access and edit these mockups in your browser. No downloads needed!

Cosmetics Mockup Set - $24

There’s something so beautifully clean about the mockups in this cosmetic bundle. The amber glass jars, combined with the regular clear jars, give this set a look of modern and professional cleanness. The package comes with 22 files, including groups and individual items.

Stand-Up Pouch Packaging Mockup – Free

One of the things we adore about this set is the versatility of these pouches. The free, high resolution file can be adjusted and edited to match your branding perfectly, whether you’re selling food items, cosmetics, or teas and coffees. And the clean, white background makes it so simple to customize.

Coffee Bag Mockup - $9

If there’s one thing I love more than coffee, it’s beautiful packaging for coffee. And what better way to sell your coffee products to customers like me than with this stunningly gorgeous bag mockup? There’s something so minimalistic and beautiful about the mockup, giving all the focus to the brand.

For those of you who love this premium option, there are several other bundles that can be added to your purchase. Just scroll to the bottom of the page and check them out!

Candles Package Mockup Set - $12

Coming with 10 unique box mockups and 8 preset scenes, these candle bundles are truly beautiful. We love the modern scenes that come with the set, but we wouldn’t be designers if we didn’t appreciate that the package comes with the flexibility for you to create your own compositions.

From color and shadows to each individual object, this bundle truly gives you the option to be creative. 

Cosmetic Bottles Mockup – Free

Our last freebie on this list also happens to be one of my favorites. The mockup comes with three photorealistic cosmetic bottles on a white background. The simplicity in the mockup will allow you to customize the bottles to your exact specifications. You could either do three different products or different angles of the same product!

Wine Packaging Mockups - $22

How gorgeous are these wine bottle mockups? We can’t get enough of the color tints, clean backgrounds, and versatile angles. With this premium set, you can showcase your brand on bottles, as well as next to poured glasses of wine. All without the risk of getting a little tipsy while doing a photoshoot.

We just want to point out the stunning cork labels included in this set. How beautiful!


Let’s make this a baker’s dozen!


Cosmetics Bottle with Box Mockup - Free

We couldn’t resist. One more freebie! We love the minimalism of this cosmetics box mockup. With the added bottle beside the box, you’ll be able to showcase packaging and product in one dazzling mockup.



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