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VHS Image Effect Generator

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This effect generator for Photoshop uses Smart Objects and filters to convert any source image into a retro VHS/VCR screen. When you open the PSD file you will find a variety of options that allow you to modify the effect to fit your needs:

  • 3 Different optional distortion effects
  • Adjustable white distortion lines
  • RGB effect with individual editable red, green and blue layers
  • Optional vignette
  • Optional RGB Noise overlay
  • Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer
  • Fully editable text layers using free font Kindly Rewind.
  • Optional RGB effect for text layers

Although lots of options are included, it is very easy to use. Simply place your own images into the Smart Object layer to get started, all of the options are turned on by default.

How to use

  1. Open 'VHS Effect Generator.psd' in Photoshop CS6 or newer
  2. Double click on the green labelled 'Base Image' smart object layer thumbnail
  3. Place your own image into the smart object
  4. Save and close the smart object
  5. Double click on the 'Text' Smart Object layer
  6. Use the Type to adjust the text layers
  7. Ensure the background is transparent then save and close the smart object
  8. Use the Layers panel to turn the visibility of layers on or off to adjust the effect.

Paid License

By purchasing or downloading this item you are agreeing to abide by all terms and conditions laid out in the MediaLoot License Agreement. View the full license >


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