Sticker Mockup Collection for Photoshop (PSD)

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Realistic Stickers for Easy & Beautiful Design Mocks

With the trend of the '90s coming back, sticker designs are suddenly everywhere again. This is the perfect resource to keep up with the pack. It's a simple Photoshop packet filled with an assortment of templates for making your own designs look like lovely stickers. Because whether you're trying to recall some nostalgic era or connect with the millennial crowd, bright, loud, and playful stickers are a great bet. 

Rather than do all the work of building your own, this Photoshop package allows you to put your own designs in a perfectly sticky mockup, to get that just-peeled look. The results are perfect for online store images and social media posts. Simply update the Smart Objects with your own artwork and you'll immediately have a beautiful psd sticker. 

There are so many new styles of images being promoted these days, sometimes you have to think (stuck on the) outside of the box. These mockup templates are a nice and easy way to stand out. Try it out: the results are awesome and your happiness is guaranteed.


While there are many other free designs out there, none have the realism or ease of use of these sticker mockups. Made specifically for photoshop: this mockup PSD uses all of the tools you're familiar with and produces easily the best result. It's super simple to use, and works in the Smart Objects layers of Photoshop for quick and easy uploading and editing.

Included in the photoshop files is an option to have an automatic white border. It's great for those retro-looking chunky stickers to paste on a locker mockup or skateboard image.

Some of these mockups work best with round designs that have a square-ish (1:1) aspect ratio. They will still work on other designs but the curl effect may not be very clear. Depending on the shape and dimensions of the design that you use, the shadow position may need to be tweaked. To do this select any linked shadow layer and move it so that the left edge of the shadow meets the left edge of the sticker.

How to use:

  1. Open Sticker Mockup for Photoshop.psd in Photoshop CS6 or newer
  2. Double click the Smart Object layer thumbnail
  3. Replace the sample artwork with your own design
  4. Save and close the Smart Object
  5. Adjust shadow position (if needed)

New Update - Aug 8, 2018 

We've now added another version of this mockup (Volume 3) to the collection, and increased the resolution of all three mockups to 4800 x 3200 pixels. 

This bundle includes all three styles and designs. 

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