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Startup Landing Page Vectors

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This pack features a collection of editable vector graphics that can be used on landing pages and promotional media to illustrate various concepts. Landing pages are a great way to target customer conversion opportunities, and using icons on them will add a visual element that can help grab and retain the attention of your visitors.

This collection has been designed with a Startup business theme and includes graphics to illustrate:

  • Hard work (man sitting behind computer at desk)
  • Desktop software or web services (app window)
  • Projected performance goals (chart trending upwards)
  • Behind the scenes activity (gears working)
  • Hitting targets (arrow in bullseye)
  • Product launching (rocket ship)
  • Business doing well (hot air balloon)
  • Bright ideas (lightbulb)
  • Research and development (science beakers)
  • Communication (paper plane)
  • Advertising (megaphone)
  • End users (hand holding phone with checkmark)

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