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Viking Norse Vector Symbols

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This pack features 15 Viking themed vector symbols, which each symbolize concepts from Norse history. The vector illustrations in this pack are based on historically accurate symbols, and drawn/traced from scratch. 

It is often difficult to find a set of symbols like this which have consistency and look like they are part of a set, so we have tried to use similar drawing styles for each of the symbols, and tie them together as a complete set. They are subtly distressed with scratches, noise and uneven lines, adding to the authenticity of the symbols.

Your download includes .ai and .svg vector files with all individual elements in their own artboard in. You can change all the colors one by one or all at the same time using the Global Color feature available in the Illustrator Swatches Panel.

The .ai file is layered and organized with easy to understand names, and simple structure. We always put effort into making our graphic design resources as easy to use as possible. The Large, Medium and Small craft box mockups are also on separate artboards in the same .psd file.

Included Viking Norse Symbols:

  • Aegishjalmur
  • Vegvisir
  • Success
  • End Strife
  • Valknut
  • Lásabrjótur
  • Ginfaxi
  • Ottastafur
  • Binding
  • Galpaldur
  • Odin's Illusionary Rune
  • Good Health
  • Healing
  • Gibu Auja
  • Peace

How to Change Global Colors:

  1. Open the included "Viking Norse Vector Symbols.ai" file in Illustrator.
  2. Go to Window > Swatches.
  3. Double click the color you want to change (Black).
  4. Pick any color you like in the Swatch Options window and click OK.

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