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Polyscape Generator Photoshop Mockups

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A pack containing 8 detailed Polyscape Photoshop mockups to create beautiful and surreal images by using any photo or graphic that you wish. These Polyscape mockups uses from 2 to 4 different images to give the final result a fantastic combination of Polygons and Images. The set comes with 4 different geometric polyscapes and 4 different penrose (impossile figures) polyscapes.

Perfect to be used as a background for a poster or as an event flyer, these polyscapes are pleasant to the eye and for sure it will give the viewers that "wow" factor and keep them watching the image for a while to discover all those little details in all of the images.

How to use:

  • Open any of the included .psd files in Adobe Photoshop
  • Double click on each of the SmartObjects layers thumbnails named "Image 1" "Image 2" "Image 3" "Image 4" (if available)
  • Place your image in the new document, save it and close it (repeat this step for every SmartObject)
  • Inside the "Polyscape" layer group you will find some "Curves" and "Black&White" layer adjustments that you can use to enhance the look of your image

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