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HTML Invoice Template

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If you're a freelancer or handle the estimates and invoices for your company then this template could come in very handy for you, rather than sending your clients emails with pdfs attached, offer them a nice and easy way to view their invoices as a web page with status, sortable tables and pay now buttons. We can't guarantee that you'll get paid faster (or larger amounts) but making it easier and simpler for your clients can't hurt!

Another use could be if you are working on a web app that handles project management and invoicing, this template could be implemented into your system and can easily be tweaked to accommodate project estimates too.

Live Preview

Here is a live preview of the template

Update - March 14, 2014

The original design of the invoice (posted on 08/22/2011) has been updated significantly and is now much cleaner and has a more professional feel.

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